22 February 2007

Day 9, 23 Dec 06 - Last Day in Tokyo, Returning Home

Here we are. The.Last.Day.in.Tokyo. The mere thought of returning home (and to work!) sucked. But I guess this is reality and the fact is we enjoyed the past 8 days very much. Can't ask for too much.
We had a whole morning to idle as our flight was in the evening. First we checked out and deposited our luggage with the concierge and also confirmed our Airport Limousine Bus tickets (it is advisable to make reservation a few days beforehand to secure tickets as the service from hotel to airport is not frequent).
Hubby suggested to go back to his fishing tackle shop near Shibuya station. Since I didn't get enough of Tokyu Food Show the other day, I went along. Was definitely a good idea as I managed to do more shopping and take more photos! Tokyu Food Show was really crowded as it was a weekend and day before Christmas Eve. Christmas is big in Tokyo and Japanese people seemed quite willing to spend on christmas cakes and goodies. Oh well, who could resist those lovely packaging and too-pretty-to-eat cakes?
We went back to Nishi-Shinjuku for lunch and decided to eat grilled meat. Since it was our last meal in Tokyo, no harm indulging a little. Hubby ordered grilled pork set while I ordered grilled beef set. Once again, the food never failed to delight us. Meat was tender and succulent and our mouths filled with barbeque aroma with each bite.
After lunch, we rushed back to Shinjuku Washington hotel to fetch our luggage and catch the bus to Narita Airport. As the bus drove further away from the city, I made a promise to myself that I will return again. Sayonara Tokyo.

Day 9 thoughts: When will I be back in Tokyo?
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