31 March 2007

Diving in Redang - August 2006

Will be going to Redang the coming week (yipee!) so I thought it'd be good to write about my previous trip which was back in August 2006 and indulge in reminiscence for a bit.
First heard about Pulau Redang in Malaysia after watching the Hong Kong movie 夏日的么么茶 back in 2000; was very attracted by the island paradise with pristine sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Wanted very much to go there and then, but was put off by the long travelling time - a whopping 13 hours coach ride! Don't think I want a relaxing holiday at an island paradise to be marred by a tiring journey to and fro.

So, the idea was shelved for quite a bit until last year after hubby and I got our Open Water certificate. Was looking for spots to dive; among places like Phuket, Bali, Sipadan etc, Redang came out top of the list. Good news is, we could take Berjaya Air from Seletar Airport straight to Redang Island and the flight is only 1 hour 30 minute. Yes, an indulgence since the flight cost much more than a coach ride.
Decided to stay at Laguna Redang Island Beach Resort located at Pasir Panjang Beach where the movie was filmed. Yes, another indulgence since this resort is one of better ones :p
Was really excited on board "Dash 7" since it was my first time on a 48-seater aircraft; and even more so by the breathtaking view as we approached Redang.

Just look at the lovely blue waters! While we were transferring by ferry to the resort, really had a strong temptation to jump straight into the water :D

Laguna Redang Island Beach Resort is clean, modern, well-maintained with spacious and comfortable rooms, exactly what I had in mind :) Wasted no time to check around the resort and beach and true to its name, Pasir Panjang definitely has one of the finest beach on the island.

And there it stand, the "More More Tea" Inn made famous in the movie! Actually the colorful and quaint building was shifted from its original location to make way for the resort. The building is now a souvenir shop just next to the resort.

The whole stretch of Pasir Panjang Beach houses many resorts that suit all types of budget.

Although it looks kind of commercialised, the overall feel is still idyllic and rustic; perfect for a getaway for families, friends and couples alike.
The house reef boasts of many reef fishes and corals, really convenient for snorkelling since the waters is sheltered and quite shallow.

Many dead corals washed ashore.

And not to forget diving; Redang is said to offer one of the best diving in this region with an amzing variety of marine life. We did 5 dives with the resort's dive centre. The dive centre is well-equipped with experience divemasters so we were in good hands. Disappointing though, the visibility during our dives was average at around 10m - 15m.
Brought along a camera this time as we found a underwater housing during a sale before the trip but didn't manage to take many photos. Realised that underwater photography is not an easy task indeed.

Dive 1 - Terumbu Kili (South Point)
Saw large schools of fishes in a feeding frenzy on the corals; one big Titan Trigger Fish, the infamous territorial fish known to attack divers; turtle, blue-spotted stingrays, the usual reef fishes like anemones, soft and hard corals and etc.

Dive 2 - Mak Cantik (Maxi Mount)
Means 'beautiful mother' in Malay. This dive site is home to a large coral garden, comprising of many hard and soft corals. A pity that visibility was not very good due to particles but nonetheless very pretty.

Dive 3 - Tunnel Point
We did several swim throughs at here as this site is made of large boulders pile up to form tunnel-like structures. Supposed to hear the boulders creak when surf action causes them to move slightly, but we were distracted by many large angel fish, butterfly fish and nudibranchs.

Dive 4 - Chek Isa (Mini Mount)
Another beautiful dive site but visibility was low with hot and cold current. Saw 3 white-tip sharks zoomed past (or was it just one which swam around?), was pretty excited but it all happened too fast!

Dive 5 - Mak Cantik (Maxi Mount)
Re-visit to this underwater coral garden. Saw big stingrays, turtle, cushion star, puffer fish and etc.

Well, here's hoping that my upcoming dive trip would be a good one!

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