09 August 2008

Cupcake Baby Wristlet

I bought this sweet sweet Cupcake Baby Wristlet from the online shop killerheels some 2 months ago, meant to blog about it earlier but was delayed.
Back in April, Hubby already bought me the Cupcake Recipe Necklace. Since then, been eyeing the other cupcake-theme items like the bracelet and wristlet. The baby wristlet is sold out for a while and when it comes back on, I spared no time to place an online order and received it in less than a week :D

I adore the pretty match of colours, from the pouch to the ribbon strap to the inner lining and not forgetting the cupcake charm! Above all, the quality worksmanship.
The killerheels label is even embroidered! I love how the frames snap open and close :) The ribbon strap is even detachable.
Even though it is petite, the uses are quite versatile, enough to hold mobile, cash, cards or keys. I've been using it to hold items like lip balm, lip gloss and eye drop, which I bring along for shopping or work.

Now, I'm considering whether to get the Cupcake Recipe Bracelet, or the Cupcake Party Bracelet, or the Donut Break Bracelet (coz the grograin ribbon is so pretty!)... decisions decisions.

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