03 September 2008

Bad luck continues...

My unlucky streak seems to be continuing ever since my loss pregnancy in May. Feeling kind of despondent with my latest mishap (coupled with stress from work and having to deal with difficult situations/people). Ever since May, felt that the body constitution seems weakened; energy level stooped low most of the days, with eyes extremely tired. Eyesight was quite blurry sometimes and becoming worse recently.

Initially I thought it has got to do with astigmatism. Have been wearing normal soft contact lens all this while as the Optician that I frequent claimed that my astigmatism is not high enough to wear toric lens. During my most recent visit (worsening blurriness), the Optician declared that my eye readings were weird and abnormal i.e. equipment reading differs from the manual procedural readings; and advised me to see a doctor.

In a dilemma, my biggest fear is to go blind but I am scared of facing the truth if I visit a doctor. Alright, things may not be that serious. My colleague recommended me to an Optometrist located in AMK heartlands. So made an appointment 2 weeks ago. Pretty impressed the moment I stepped into the shop. I mean, it seems like a typical optical shop, but no, it's much more. There is a room full of equipment for eye testing and the Optometrists are all very experience and knowledgeable. Besides prescripting eye-wear, the shop operates somewhat like a clinic where customers have to make appointment for consultations which are chargeable.

The Optometrist first went through my medical and family history, followed by a check on my cornea. Apparently my cornea is ‘hazy’ and upon closer look, there are scratches on the cornea directly affecting my vision. That explains why the equipment readings were inaccurate and didn't make sense. This cornea ‘corrosion’ is caused by long term use of contact lens, stress on eyes, late nights. The brand of lens I used also aggravated the problem as it ‘sucks’ moisture from the eyes; although comfortable during wear, it caused severe dry eyes after removal. Hmmm… I started this brand 6 months ago, the onset of symptons could have started then but not so obvious until recently. The situation for the left eye is worse than the right, meaning subconsciously I have been relying on my right eye and straining my left. That's why my eyes feel so tired.

To temp correct my left eye, I have to make a new pair of specs with higher degree on the left to balance the focus and not strain the eyes. Damn, my current pair of specs is barely 3 months old. Anyway, the current pair is not suitable for me at all. Besides the left lens problem, it doesn't fit well on my nose and eye frame either. Well, the ex Optician didn't check both eye condition nor suitability of specs. Ahem. Anyway, the Optometrist is really meticulous in helping me select a suitable pair of specs frame and also recommended a better lens with coating known as Teflon.

So, I’m off contact lens and onto specs for the next three months, at least. Cornea health not exactly good and eyes need time to heal.

Sucks… does it mean no diving, no Redang, no Sipadan (unless I get prescriptive masks coz my degree is really high and I’m as blind as a bat or maybe I can push for a couple of dives)? I guess less time on computers as well… less blogging (nope, can't give this up), less youtube and tudou, less Facebook poker and games, less Viwawa… must stop bringing work home and check office emails at home… must start looking for part time domestic help to relieve some chores, less late nights, sleep early… more hubby time… more project B time, more cooking, more baking… I digress.

So depressing and miserable. I hate to wear specs! When my cornea recovers, I seriously consider lasik.

Just collected my new specs yesterday, definitely a better fit and clearer vision (due to Teflon coating on lens). Hope my cornea will recover faster and bad luck go away soon...

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