13 September 2008

Swiss roll with whipped cream

The past work week was once again a stressful one and I guess the coming weeks will continue to be. Thank goodness it's the weekend but woke up with a headache and didn't feel like doing anything too intensive.
Decided to give the swiss roll a go again. Have in fact failed several times already; where the sponge turned out too dry and rough. I believe the crux lies in the whisking of the egg and sugar batter, but I just couldn't grasp the correct batter consistency.
This time, decided to whisk the batter much longer, till it became quite thick. Had to whip the batter for quite some time and stopping the mixer several times in the process. Guess the patience paid off and the batter seemed to be about the right consistency - flowing and silky.
And after baking and letting the sponge cooled down, I couldn't wait to check the texture of the sponge. It turned out much better than previous attempts! Hehe.
The texture of the sponge is much finer than previous attempts and soft to the bite. I can proudly say that it is at last a successful attempt. But the sponge is still not as light as Chef Keiko's. Definitely got to refine till I can achieve the same standard.
Anyway, since I didn't think it could be a successful attempt, didn't really prepare any ingredients for the rolling. Still have some fresh cream in the fridge so decided to do a simple whipped cream.
Hmmm, with only the whipped cream, the swiss roll lacks depth and kind of boring. Now that I know how to make a light sponge, I can start exploring with different fillings, perhaps white chocolate whipped cream with strawberry, banana with caramel cream... Perhaps tint the sponge to lovely pastel shades to go with the fillings. I must also sharpen my knife so that the cut can be cleaner. Ok, must find more time to explore the different tastes and combination.


  1. MEG!! popping by to say HI!!

    Lifang =)

  2. hi, can i know what is the recipe for your sponge cake? is it possible? your swiss roll looks good! i have the recipe for coffee buttercream that can be added to your swiss roll the next time. http://notafreakingfoodconnoisseur.blogspot.com/2008/10/swiss-rolls-with-coffee-butter-cream.html

  3. Hello! Your whip cream swiss roll seems very appertizing, can I ask for the recipe if u don't mind?
    Really wish that u could share your lovely recipe with me. Thank you very much.

  4. Hi,
    I'm afraid I can't share the recipe as the class notes stated copyright.
    You can get the recipe from Chef Keiko's book called Okashi, sold at major bookstores or Shermay's Cooking School :)