03 May 2009

Shopaholic in Tokyo Apr 09

Here's sharing some of the stuff I bought from Tokyo.

First saw this interesting 'Egg Timer' at a blog (based in Taiwan), which supposedly can help to cook the perfect egg. Although it seems like a German product, I'm quite hopeful that Tokyo would carry it as well, since Tokyo is well known for being in the fore front of new and innovative products.
Was hunting for it at Kappabashi during my first day in Tokyo, but couldn't find it. My second guess would be Tokyu Hands, one of my favourite mall in Japan. To my dismay, the branch at Ikebukuro didn't carry it as well. Was elated when I finally found it at the Shibuya branch!

The egg timer is shaped like half an egg, with indicators of soft, medium and hard. The red portion will shrink as temperature rises, and we can stop cooking the egg at whichever consistency prefered based on the markings. Imagine I can now have the perfect 'hardboil' egg with semi-runny yolk, just like those sold at ramen shops! Can't wait to test it =D

A digital weighing scale is a must for baking, since precision is quite crucial for dessert making. I have one at home already, but at times, may need to have two e.g. when separating egg white from yolk and didn't want to transfer bowls. Bought this at Tokyu Hands as well, comes in juicy colours such as blue, pink, orange, green... It can measure to 0.5g precision. Cool! In fact, all the digital weighing scales sold at Tokyu Hands come in yummy colours and designs, unlike my boring grey one.

Another cool product from Tokyu Hands. Just slide the lock through whatever packing (e.g. flour, sugar) and it is sealed. Comes in a pack of 3 of same length and different colours. I think there are 3 or 4 lengths available. Regret that I only bought one pack :( Was unsure whether I need it initially as I already have those seal-it clips from Ikea. But these are just so easy to use and looks really neat; the ones I bought are perfect length for the Prima flour packing. The clips from Ikea are quite difficult to clip sometimes if packing is too thick, and not so long as well.

Does anyone know if these 'Anylock' are available in SG? I want somemore!!!
Cushion covers from smart, Jiyugaoka. http://www.smart-interior.com/
The colour scheme blend perfectly with my sofa and definitely brighten the living room :)
Cute handphone pouch with sweet cupcake design bought at Loft. http://www.loft.co.jp/. Tiny roo is a series of the Rootote brand.
Bought this cute little clips at the stationery level of Tokyu Hands. There are all sorts of cute stationery here, and I could have bought a whole bunch of them if I were impulsive enough :p

Now onto the snacks/desserts. Bought this 'Sakura Pie' at Tokyu Food Show, Shibuya, available during sakura season only. Airy and crispy with bits of sugar tinted in sakura pink.
Also from Tokyu Food Show, cute little bunny with cheese and custard filling. The sponge cake is springy, with quite strong flavour of egg, cheese and custard is an interesting combination.

Last May, I have bought the cheesecake from Shiseido Parlour, which comes in a striking blue packaging. For this sakura season, they introduced a hot pink packaging and sold as 'sakura cheesecake'. Well, it still tasted like cheesecake.Ok, these are just a fraction of what I have bought for this trip. Well, if not for money no enough and luggage space no enough, I would love to buy more :p
I miss Tokyu Hands and Kappabashi Dogugai already :(


  1. I love Japanese gadgets , they are so pretty and cool .

    By the way can i add you to my humble blog ?


  2. Hi AK,
    Glad you enjoy my blog :)
    Yes, of course you can link :)

  3. Hi there,
    can you pls let me know which level / section can i find the egg timer? am visiting tokyo next week - must 1st visit! excited...hehe

  4. Hi Tangy Brownie,
    I found the egg timer at Takashimaya here in SG, cost $12. Can't remember the price in Tokyo though. Bought at the Tokyu Hands at Shibuya, Household Kitchenware section.
    Can't find the Anylock in SG yet though.

  5. hi daydreamer,

    you can find 'anylock' at the Metro sales at Singapore Expo. Saw them at the right side of the hall nearer to the front.