01 January 2010

2009 - closure. 2010 - a brand new year ahead

It's time once again to reflect on 2009. A year gone by, strangely I couldn't recollect most part of it, probably due to my baby brain which is clouded with many thoughts now. I just know that it was an eventful year, challenging, stressful and emotional. Don't even know where and how to start...

Started the year extremely busy with work, a project that spanned from 2008 till 2009 which I was unfortunately being arrowed (by matter of fact?). A project that started due to some egoistic reasons by some people. No doubt a big project which I learnt a lot, but suffered and sacrificed equally as much. At the end of it all, it was a tremendous success but to me it was just relief and nothing else. And the hard work wasn't even recognised tangibly. Wonder if this place and the work I'm doing is really worthy. Passion is one thing but the faith has eroded without the anticipated due respect and returns. I am truly disappointed. Well, it is getting tougher by the day and seriously gritting my teeth over all the nonsense as well as some people. In a nutshell, 2009 was a year I want to forget and move on in terms of work.

There was then the demise of my father, which still puts a heavy weight deep in my heart whenever I think about it. Yet about the same time the elatedness of learning about my pregnancy. I thought I was ready mentally, but I guess one could never really be ready ready about the realities of pregnancy, having a baby, a child. Having spent more than half of 2009 being pregnant and counting down now, there is much anticipation and anxiety. May be sharing some of the pregnancy journey slowly after the birth but will see how I'm coping with motherhood first.

With all the happenings, much regret that I didn't manage to blog much and have accumulated lots of backlog. Hope to find time for more blogging but with a new baby, I'm not so sure, will try.
Baking and attending workshops continued to be a way of stress relief and I'm really really looking forward to baking and in fact cooking more in 2010.

Being pregnant also means that travelling was somewhat limited. Before pregnancy, managed a Bangkok trip in Feb, Koh Samui in Mar , Tokyo in Apr. Was in Switzerland in May for a whirlwind 48hrs before rushing back due to family emergency and then I'm pregnant. During first and second trimesters, managed a few road trips to Malaysia and the final short haul trip was to Koh Samui in Oct. Well, if not for my baby, I guess hubby and I would have been somewhere in Japan from Christmas till now enjoying a white winter... oh well. Anyways, hoping that baby would be wanderlust like us and be good to travel with us in 2010.

With the closure of 2009, certainly anticipating a brand new year ahead, with the arrival of my baby, and bless him to be healthy and strong. It will be a steep learning curve and but I must stay strong for his sake. The option of being a stay-at-home-mum for a while is very tempting as I believe nothing beats the joy of watching my own child grow up day by day.

Here's to a better 2010! Happy New Year!


  1. Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year :)

  2. Happy New Year to you too! May you have a blessed year ahead :)

  3. Welcome to the parenthood club. Happy New Year.