20 April 2010

K Ki once more

Yes, I'm back to K Ki! Previously didn't get to try Kinabaru as some of the ingredients were out of stock. Saw on FB that it's back so made a mental note to drop by K Ki again. Was in the vicinity on Sat and decided to drop by. Was there around 4.30pm; totally forgot that it's Sat and the shop is supposed to close at 4pm. Luckily owners Chef Kenneth and Delphine were still around and I managed to tabao the Kinabaru :)

I love the packaging of the takeaway box, elegant just like the concept of the shop and cakes :)
And I got not just Kinabaru :p Since I was going to takeaway, might as well pack more to try right :p So I got the Mona and Antoinette (for hubby to try).

Kinabaru lives up to its raves indeed. The combination of coconut mousse, passionfruit creme and chocolate sponge is surprisingly good. Thought that the coconut taste is gonna be strong but no, just very subtle. Love the tangy passionfruit which is refreshing and whets the appetite.

Mona is supposedly chocolate-banana mousse cake. The taste of banana is a tad too subtle; if not mentioned, people might not even know. I have to taste the mousse very intently just to get a slight hint of banana flavour. Nonetheless the chocolate mousse is very smooth and I can't stop eating. The pleasant twist is the chocolate praline crunch at the base, which I thought added a dimension to the cake otherwise too boring.

Well, have maxed-out my quota for sugary desserts this month... guess got to wait till next month to try the strawberry tart and strawberry shortcake then. 


  1. Wow. Looks divine. I am visiting Singapore in June, so will definitely visit this shop.

  2. I love the writes up on Jiyugaoku! Thanks for sharing and the detailed write up! :)

    Will be visiting them when i'm there soon! ^_^

  3. love this place! will be posting on it tomorrow :)