16 October 2010

Salted Mister Brown, The Daily Scoop

I have been abstaining from very sweet and sugary stuff for many months now. Even if I took, I only sneaked one or two mouthful to satisfy my tastebuds. The recent hot and humid weather just makes me crave for something cold and sweet, like ice-cream. Have not eaten ice-cream for so long...boohoo... is there any sugarfree ice-cream just like those sugarfree chocolate (ok, it's artificial sweeteners but what the heck)?

I guess indulgence once in a while is ok? I know, I'm a bad girl. We were near Sunset Way today and I couldn't resist popping by The Daily Scoop. And I just wanna my Salted Mister Brown with its salty caramel and chocolaty brownies bits.

Opps, I took a big mouthful before remembering to snap a photo so the scoop looked a little loopsided. It was actually a perfect round scoop in case you are wondering.

Hubby had his eye on the A&W Root Beer Float served in a frosty mug with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. He claimed that it was good and authentic. Yep, there is only one way to serve Root Beer Float, in a frosty mug. We miss A&W and its signature Root Beer Float! Now we know where to find a good Root Beer Float if he needed one.

Hope the weather can turn slightly cooler, else I would have trouble satisfying my cravings again!

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  1. i love salted anything on my dessert. This soundss sooo wonderful!