01 January 2011

2010 - It's all about the baby. 2011 - Onwards to toddlerhood

Can't believe that it's 2011. What did I do in 2010? I really couldn't recall in detail, I think it's all about the baby! LOL. It's been a long journey, I knew it was a steep learning curve but didn't expect it to be this steep. And this is what I call on-the-job training!

Anyway, here's summing up 2010.

All About Dear Son

Life in 2010 is pretty much routine routine routine. It's a challenge to us as new parents, day-in-day-out. Till now, we are still trying to learn and adapt to this thing called PARENTHOOD. For the past one year, there seemed to be challenges every other month. If it was not nursing/milk strike, it was teething, otherwise it was rejection of solids or if not nap and sleep problems. Yet, this is just the beginning and I'm sure many more challenges to come.

2 more weeks and he's gonna be ONE! He's now learning to walk and terrorising the entire house, creating a hurricane whereever he goes. I've got to watch him every minute less he gets into some kind of mischief, be it munching on shoes or rummaging the garbage, or climbing somewhere high precariously.... And when he's not venturing around, he sticks to me like glue and it irritates me sometimes as I can't cook or do any chores in peace! I wonder what will he be up to next?


Decided to resign to become a SAHM. Was really in a dilemma when my four-month maternity came to an end. Eventually decided to take the plunge. Few reasons, firstly I want to experience what it's like to bring up a baby watching him grow up day by day. When it comes to work, I could be quite a workaholic, I know that I would never be able to juggle work and baby if I were to continue to work. And was also disappointed with my advancement prospect despite having worked so hard for the past four years especially 2009. So, when to start work again? Probably till he's old enough to attend playgroup then childcare?


The wanderlust in us craves so much for travelling, but travelling with a baby is never the same. For a start, packing an additional luggage with supplies that could last dear son longer than the trip (talk about being kiasu) is really tedious, not to mention the unpacking and washing up. During overseas trips, we tried to follow his routine/schedule as far as possible. Disrupting his routine means a cranky baby for several weeks after we return; we learnt it the hard way. Hence, it would mean sacrificing our itinerary and take things slow and easy. We managed a trip to Port Dickson when he was 3 months old, KL when he was 5 months, Krabi when he was 6 months old (that was his first flight!), Cameron Highlands when he was 8 months, Penang when he was 9 months and Hong Kong when 10 months. Hey hey, our little one is fast becoming a wanderer like us!

I wonder how much would we be travelling in 2011? Already looking forward to Koh Samui end Jan to celebrate his birthday and a trip to Tokyo in Mar (without him, just hubby and I!!!).


Since I'm now a SAHM, cooking is an everyday affair, including meals for dear son. Been trying out new dishes in order not to bore hubby and myself, important thing is, the steps must be quick and easy as dear son's constantly seeking my attention and seldom allow me to cook in peace. Check out my entries on homecook food for some of the dishes.

Sadly, I had to sacrifice my fave hobby, baking. Only managed to bake once in a while as baking requires precision and close monitoring of timing, which proves to be tough with a sticky baby. And when I do bake, it's usually the tried and tested recipes as I'm more familiar thus relatively easier. And only managed to attend a few baking workshops. On the contrary, I'm starting to attend more cooking classes since I'm cooking more now.

Well, I do hope to cook and bake more in 2011, I have so many recipes bookmarked but simply no time to try.

Thoughts, feelings and what's in store for 2011?

Sometimes, I do regret the decision to have a baby. I'm rather impatient, a perfectionist, crave lots of personal time, space and freedom. It irritates me a lot when I'm doing things halfway and have to stop to attend to his needs. How could I have a baby who literally takes over my life?

That said, since he's now an integral part of the family, it is our responsibility to be here for him and love and care for him the best we could. He's learning fast and his funny antics often tickle us and made us laugh.

For 2011, I just want him to be healthy, and be happy. We, will continue to take things slowly, one day at a time.

Happy New Year!


  1. I think it is amazing that you can still manage to travel to so many places with your baby... I had always thought just bringing out a baby to lunch is already hard work! Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Shirley,
    Happy New Year! It is very hard work bringing a baby for travelling. For each trip, it's actually a dilemma coz really wanted to travel, yet knowing the challenges facing us, as well as the aftermath. Well, we are just too diehard. LOL.