23 April 2011

Very Buttery Cupcakes once more

Completed an order of 24 mini Very Buttery Cupcakes of 4 different flavours (Earl Grey, Lavender, Chai Spice and Lemon) for dear friend C yesterday. Since I couldn't bake during the daytime (had to take care of dear son), I had to plan my logistics and baking schedule carefully in order to fulfill the order. Basically spent 2 nights and half a day, unlike last time where I had the luxury to indulge in full day baking whenever I was free.

Couldn't believe it's been four years since I last baked these Very Buttery Cupcakes. I mean, in between I did bake the Earl Grey Cupcakes a few times, but to attempt all four flavours at one go, it was rare indeed. Not an easy task since we're talking about 6 mini cupcakes x 4 flavours, i.e. very small quantity per flavour. What I did was make a whole batch of the master recipe, then split the batter into fours, for the different flavourings, same for the frosting.

Was glad that the cupcakes turned out okay. Although it was tedious and exhausting due to the splitting of flavours and loads of washing, I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation and baking process, which was actually quite therapeutic.
Oh, I wanted to show off my new cake stand since I bought it a few months ago. Didn't have a chance till now :p Pretty right? LOL!!!!

I lent C this Wiltons cake stand to display the cupcakes, thought the presentation looked quite elegant.
C told me, the Lemon Cupcakes were the more popular of them all. Probably I could bake it for an upcoming gathering with my friends.

By the way, I really wish to bake on a more regular basis. Perhaps I could designate one night per week (excluding weekends) for some simple baking? Perhaps perhaps perhaps. That is if I could survive the day with my energetic bunny dear son.


  1. Interesting that you've used the ice-cream cups instead of the standard cup cake liners. Guess this would make transportation easier... Good job!

  2. @Shirley, I like the design of the cups, that's why :p

    @Open Kitchen Concept, the lavendar is infused through butter :)