05 August 2011

Tokyo May 2011 - Part III

Hope you have enjoyed my ramblings on the Tokyo trip in May (Part I and II) :p

Well, here's just a short one sharing some of the interesting pastries and zakka that I brought back.

This was the swiss roll I bought from 自由が丘swiss roll house at Jiyugaoka. Since it was perishable, I ate it immediately upon reaching the hotel. The sponge was so tender and light and perfect with the cream. No wonder it was so popular.

When I was at Isetan Shinjuku, I was totally overwhelmed by the desserts and pastries there. Later I found out that Isetan Shinjuku has the best and largest number of pastries and desserts specialty counters. So for those who are fans of pastries, this would be a haven. Famous brands like Pierre Hermes, Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki, Patisserie Kihachi and soooo many more which I don't even know.

I bought these Canelé and Financiers from Patisserie noix de beurre. Saw many people queueing for them so decided to try too! The financiers were very good, slightly crispy on the outside with tender and moist crumbs. Love it! This could probably replace my lost Financier from Mont-Blanc at Jiyugaoka. The Canelé was quite well done too, with crunchy caramelized crust and soft and tender custard centre. I also bought a lemon cake which was shaped just like a lemon, but forgot to take photo before eating :p

This was a very interesting pound cake from 365 Loriod re-by anniversaries. It's amazing how creative the Japs are, turning an ordinary looking pound cake into something special. This was a lemon pound cake, the top decorated with bits of candied orange peel and ginger, chopped pistachios and some lemon glaze.
And the centre of the pound cake was a heart-shaped apricot jelly-candy. Pretty right? Taste-wise, quite good too, the pound cake was quite moist and tender. There were another rose version, topped with tiny bits of rose petals and chopped pistachios and the jelly-candy was strawberry flavoured.

This was from Yoku Moku, once again at Isetan Shinjuku. Tiny little financiers topped with sugared jelly-sweets, five flavours in total like earl grey, coffee, green tea.... Couldn't resist buying them as they looked so pretty, like little pieces of jewellery. Despite its small size, the financiers tasted good as well.

Another interesting, couldn't remember from which deli already. An earl grey madeleine, topped with white chocolate tinted baby pink and topped with rose petals and chopped pistachios.
How did the Japs managed to make an ordinary looking madeleine look so pretty, simple yet stunning? And unlike some madeleines I tried before, this was not dry at all, quite tender and moist. Anyway, this gave me the inspiration and some ideas on cake decoration.

It was definitely a feast for the eyes at Isetan Shinjuku. As I had very little time there, I could only scan through everything briefly :( Wished I could stay longer. Next time perhaps.

Anyway, these are just some of my shopping. Have hiddened packed everything into my cabinets before taking photo and hence too lazy to take out everything again :p
Cabbage shredder, cutesy food decorating tools from Loft; clock cum kitchen timer from francfranc, large size flour sifter with base lid from Tokyu Hands, mini size glass jar from Natural Kitchen and so on...
Lip gloss, bath gels and hand soaps from Apivita, Timeless Comfort, Afternoon Tea; pouches, umbrellas from Afternoon Tea, pretty iphone counter from Loft....

Zakka Shopping in Japan is really fulfilling! I love Japan!!! LOL :p

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  1. Those cakes look so enticing. I think Japan has the best shopping in the world. I love how everything is presented so beautifully. I hope you are able to return to Japan soon!

  2. Hello,

    I've been reading your blog specially your Tokyo posts and I'm so inspired! I will be visiting Tokyo for the first time in a few months and am beyond excited and will make sure to visit the places you mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I never get tired of Japan :) Will definitely go again and again :)

  4. Hi Anne,
    You will love the shopping :p