14 October 2011

Fruit Jelly

My final bid to use up the excess strawberries in my fridge *phew* finally! No more strawberries for the next few weeks!

The recipe is a guest post on Cuisine Paradise, by Ann of Anncoo Journal. Dear son hasn't tried agar agar before so I thought I could give this a try. I like the dual layer effect, one layer being milk agar agar and the other plain agar agar with fruits. Besides strawberries, I added peach as I have some in my fridge and I didn't want to buy the additional fruits (blueberries, kiwi) mentioned in the recipe. I halved the recipe and managed to yield 4 plastic cups and additional 2 glasses of the fruit jelly.

For the glasses, I did the exact layering as stated in the recipe but for the plastic cups, I reversed the layering so that when the jelly was turned out, the white part was at the bottom and top part was the jelly with fruits.

Looked quite pretty and sweet right?
These were the plastic cups I used for the jelly. Very nostalgic right? I remember we used similar cups for our jellies when we were young :)

Dear son didn't seem to like the fruit jelly very much, he took only half a cup and wasn't quite enthusiastic about it. Probably the agar agar was a bit too hard. Offered a cup to hubby but he wasn't keen either! Why why why? Now I still have 2 cups and 2 glasses sitting in the fridge. How how how?

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