15 January 2012

Dear son is TWO!!

It's dear son's birthday today! No party this year unlike last year as we thought it's not necessary to hold parties every year. Instead we just planned a get-together meal at a restaurant with close family members. Since Chinese New Year is a week away, we also made use of this opportunity as a "pre-reunion" meal.

Was thinking that dining out would save us lots of time and effort, but itchy finger mummy decided to bake her son a birthday cake instead of buying one, and strawberry shortcake no less. It turned out to be a huge effort as it's my first time attempting a strawberry shortcake. The cake itself was rather easy to bake but layering and frosting the cake turned out to be a nightmare as it was so difficult to get a perfectly smooth surface no better how I tried to smoothen the chantilly cream. Oh well, will post about my strawberry shortcake attempt in another post. On top of this cake, I also baked 40 mini cupcakes for dear son's celebration in his CCC. Being a mummy is a tough job!

Anyway, now that he's officially into his terrible twos stage, we could already see some of the traits, such as screaming and whining whenever he demands something, and testing our patience all the time. He's turning into a cheeky and attention seeking fellow, making us laugh and mad at the same time. Really not sure how I can survive this upcoming year. The past year had already been challenging enough with him going from baby to toddlerhood, learning and growing fast each day. We'll take each day as it comes, I suppose.

Happy Birthday dear son, may you be healthy and happy every day (and stop screaming for mummy every single minute okay)?

Celebration with close family

Celebration at Childcare Centre