05 May 2012

Francfranc at JCube Singapore

One of my favourite lifestyle and home furnishing store from Japan has opened a branch in Singapore! In fact, not just one but gonna be two! The branch at JCube (Jurong East) has just opened recently on 1 May and the other will be opening soon at Vivocity on 1 June.

I'm really excited coz I can satisfy my craving for zakka shopping anytime now, since flying to Japan gets tougher with a toddler and a job.

Went to JCube specially today to check out the store; merchandise is categorised into different sections like furniture, bath & accessories, wall furnishings, living furnishings, stationery, kitchenware & accessories etc.

These are my haul for today, not much :p
A longish porcelain serving plate and a wooden serving plate for my swiss rolls as I realised I don't have any serving plates for swiss roll, a kitchen cutlery holder as my current one is a tacky plastic one, a leather case holder to hold my company pass and ezlink card, a plastic cutlery set which includes convertible spoon, fork and chopsticks, useful for my homemade lunch to the office, a bath sponge and a glass.

I love the pale blue longish serving plate, thought it looks elegant and vintage. And the glass, it's just too pretty to resist :p

There are several other stuff that I'm tempted to buy, but decided to go slow for today. I have a feeling I'm gonna be a frequent shopper of Francfranc Singapore :ppp


  1. Franc Franc is one of my favourites too, but sadly none in Australia.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I heard they have plans to expand to many countries, Singapore is probably one of their first. Maybe they will go to Australia!