26 March 2013

Hands-on Gourmet Pizza Workshop

2 weekends ago, I attended a Hands-on Gourmet Pizza Workshop conducted by Chef Audrey Tan (Head Chef & Chef-Owner of Freshly Baked) at Shermay's Cooking School.

Why a hands-on pizza class? Well, my house (and kitchen) is currently under renovation and I haven't been cooking or baking for almost 2 months!! I'm feeling miserable (staying with my MIL at the moment) and miss cooking and baking terribly :(((( I seriously need some cooking/baking therapy and I guess the quickest fix is to attend a hands-on baking/cooking class.

I've been wanting to make my own pizza for a long time and even bought a Jamie Oliver baking stone already. It's still in mint condition and I can't wait to try it once my spanking new kitchen is ready (2 more weeks I'm crossing my fingers).

Anyways, it was a fun class and indeed therapeutic, the kneading of dough and all. And I ate lots of pizza! Thankfully the pizzas were cut into small sizes, otherwise it would certainly be carbo-overload.

Chef Audrey taught us how to make basic pizza dough, homemade tomato sauce, robiola sauce and made us many flavours of pizza using both the Pizza Oven "Express Napoli" and conventional oven.

 The all-time favourite Margarita pizza.

Robiola "White" pizza with truffle oil.

All the pizzas tasted scrumptious, especially fresh from the oven. But there was a slight difference the pizzas baked using the Express Napoli and conventional oven. Pizzas baked by the former were more crispy and had that omph factor, more so than those baked using the conventional oven. Well, I don't think I'm ready to have another piece of appliance in my kitchen. Shall see what happens after I try making the pizzas.

 Ingredients prepared for all participants.

 After kneading the dough by hand, shape and divide into 2 portions for proofing.

 My pizza dough, not round shape at all. *Fail*

 Spread some homemade tomato sauce.

 And off to the "buffet" bar to select our ingredients. I forgot to take a photo of how my pizza looked like before going into the oven.

 Tadah, my personal home-made pizza.

And my Robiola pizza, I think I added too little cheese here.

Now, I can't wait to go home and start baking!

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