17 March 2013

Tokyo Dec 2012 - Part III

Continued from Part I and Part II.

In this Part III and final part of my Tokyo Dec 2012, I'm going to share about my shopping haul!!

Like I said before, Tokyo is a shopping paradise and I always find my luggage packed to the brim for each and every trip :p

Dried silverfish, bought at Tsukiji outer-market. Packed to order, according to weight, I think these were 100 or 200g pack each. I usually add them to fried rice, or stir fried eggs.

Dried Shiitake mushroom, also bought at Tsukiji outer market. They were very plump and fragrant, perfect for braising with meat.

Yuzu, bought at Tsukiji outer market, 100 yen for pack of 3, I bought 3 packs. I made Yuzu Chiffon Cake with these.

New potato and bamboo shoots bought at OIOI supermarket. The new potato was so cheap, 6 for 105 yen!
New burdock root, bought at OIOI supermarket. I like making salads with burdock or cook soup with it.

Nissen Violet Flour - good for making sponge cakes like strawberry shortcake and swissroll.
Caster sugar - this is more refined than brands like SIS, also good for sponge cakes.
They are cheaper by 20-30% than Singapore so no harm buying right :p

My favourite yuzu honey. Happy to find it sold at OIOI supermarket.

The Heinz soups were bought at OIOI supermarket.
The mushroom rice kit, plum rice kit and instant brown sugar & ginger latte bought at Muji.

Snacks galore! Calbee - vegie crisp, jagabee butter & salt flavour, potato chips yuzu & pepper flavour. Muji - pretzel maple syrup & salt, cheese & honey flavoured chips, Japanese plum crackers, Aomori apple waffle.

My all-time favourite yuzu drinks!! From convenience stores and Muji. Muji Singapore currently carries the Soda Yuzu. I checked with the store manager about the Honey & Yuzu; stock is supposed to arrive but so far I still haven't see it.

Lozenges for sore throat, sold at local pharmacies. Very soothing with tinge of flavouring, just like a sweet, unlike the strong flavours of strepsils. Most importantly, very effective!

Financier, bought at Tokyo Solamachi (Sky Tower mall). Tender and moist, nice!

My favourite snack, potato sticks from Potato Farm (Hokkaido brand). It is much nicer than Jagabee! 1000 yen at airport duty free. Saw it at Takashimaya (Singapore), going for $20+ :(((((
Luckily I bought 5 packs!

The Tokyo Banana cream cake is supposedly the most popular gift that people brought back as souvenir from Tokyo.

The Chocolate Banana Cream is a new flavour, not even sold at the airport yet (as of Dec 2012). We found this at Tokyo Solamachi (Sky Tower), luckily we decided to buy there instead of the airport. Chocolate and banana, what can I say, perfect combination! I brought it to a party and all the kids snatched them up in no time.

Yuzu jam, need I say more about my obsession with yuzu :p This can be used for baking too, I think!
Thermo mug and table placemats from Afternoon Tea.

Went crazy at Laura Ashley. These bento boxes were so sweet, especially the mini tubs used for sauces.

And these as well - oven mitt, recycle bag, passholder and ziplock bags.

Flora baking cases from Timeless Comfort at Shibuya Mark City.

And cupcake cases too! So pretty right?

More great finds from Timeless Comfort. I was drooling over them!

Kitchen accessories from Tokyu Hands and Loft.

Basket with cover and wooden plate from Natural Kitchen. 300 yen each.

More cupcake cases. Bought this at Jiyugaoka.

Lovely multi-tab clear holders, from Jiyugaoka too.
Cake pedestal, from 3 coins. 300 yen.

Socks from Muji and Kutsushitaya. I love the pair (bottom) from Kutsushitaya best, it's perfect for wearing with heels or pumps, not visible at all and very comfortable and durable. Those I bought locally tear after just a few times. Regret buying only 1 pair of black and biege.

Pajamas, sweater, clothes from Muji for dear son. Most of them at 20-30% discount.

Packing cubes from Muji. Love these, especially useful for packing clothes/stuff for travel. And cherry blossom shower gel. All at 30% discount.

Plastic dessert cups (comes with covers) bought at Kappabashi. Great for jelly, panna cotta, cold desserts basically... there are 50 pieces per design, thinking of selling some of them.

Christmas theme cupcake cases at 50% discount, bought from Kappabashi. Will be great for Christmas this year (thinking ahead!).

Well, these are part of my shopping haul (I think), hope it has inspired you to go Tokyo too! As for me, of course I would love to go Tokyo again! Anyone wants to engage me as a zakka-shopping guide?


  1. OMG, the kitchen and baking stuff are so pretty, I would have gone crazy if I were there :)

  2. You bought some really pretty stuff. I love the bowls and spoons, and the Laura Ashley bento boxes.

  3. Very pretty and cool stuff you bought.. And interesting.. you even got new potatoes! LOL

  4. Hi OKC, the veggies there are so fresh! I wish I could buy more! Could only buy those root veggies that are more lasting.