15 April 2013

Bangkok Jan 2013 Part II - Or Tor Kor Market & Ban Khun Mae Thai Cuisine

Continued from Part I

The next morning of our BKK trip, we decided to pay a visit to Or Tor Kor Market. Interestingly, we've been to BKK so many times and this was our first visit there. In fact, I only learnt about Or Tor Kor Market recently. The market boasts of around 600 stalls selling seafood, meat, local fruits, dry ingredients, vegetables, traditional sweets and desserts, cooked food etc. It's very clean and well-organized and easily accessible by MRT and is just opposite Chatuchak Market.

Thai durians, with signature long stems.

Seafood stalls.

Vegetable stalls, all neatly stacked and packaged.

Dried seafood stalls.

Hubby saw these salted fish which was very "fresh" and decided to buy some.

The stall owner was very friendly and when she learnt that we were tourists, she vacuumed packed the salted fish for us so that there won't be a problem for us to pack the salted fish in our luggage.
All the vegetables are neatly packaged and displayed.
Then we saw the Thai durians and decided to buy 2 seeds to eat. Each seed or each pair were neatly wrapped for the convenience of customers.

The durian meat was very fleshy, thick, sweet and creamy. Not bad, but I don't think I could eat more than 2 seeds coz it was quite heavy on the palate. I still prefer the rustic kampung bitter type of durians.

Stalls selling rice and all types of grains.

Cooked food stall selling all sorts of pork items including intestines.

Drinks stall.
Cooked food stall, same as our local mixed rice stall.

The roasted pork looked so inviting, we bought a packet. The crackling was very crispy and the meat was succulent!

There were also many hawker stalls. I saw this coagulated blood fish maw soup and immediately ordered a bowl. Turned out that the coagulated blood was not pig's blood but duck's blood!

Cooked seafood. It was an eye opener to see cooked seafood sold in this manner.

Dessert stalls.

Hubby ordered some rice noodles soup with pork, intestines and coagulated blood.

Hubby also ordered this interesting dessert, with some springy stuff, coconut and water chestnut (red rubies)

After spending the morning at Or Tor Kor market, we were in need of some food massage and proceeded back to Siam Square.

The service at Chang Massage was quite good and most importantly the seats were very comfortable that both of us dozed off in the middle of our massage.

In the evening, we met P and N for dinner at a restaurant located at Siam Square, highly recommended by them.

This was where our feasting started again!

Tom Yum Gong. Very tangy and spicy!
Steamed fish with green chilli sauce.

Green curry.
Minced pork with Thai Basil.
Spring roll.
Pad Thai fried noodles.
Pandan wrapped chicken.

Papaya salad.

Chap Chye.

Honey grilled pork.
Steamed river prawn in milk and egg.

Sticky rice and mango.
Steamed tapioca.
Red ruby. Water chestnut in coconut milk.
Amazed by the amount of food we ate? Stay tuned for Part III w'here's there was more food to come!

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