21 June 2013

Spa Village, Malacca

Continued from Part I.

How could I not visit Spa Village, the signature of YTL Hotels? After I checked in on Saturday, the first thing I did was to check out the spa and to make reservations. Hubby chided me for not making reservations prior to the trip since the spa is very popular and if I were to miss the chance, I have only myself to blame :(((

Indeed Saturday's fully booked, luckily Sunday morning (before checkout) still available so I quickly made a reservation. Also requested to tour around the spa which the friendly receptionist gladly obliged :)

Spa Village, Malacca entrance and reception. Love the porcelain flooring!

The friendly spa receptionist in nonya sarong kebaya.

Some merchandise on sale.

The relaxation lounge area. All spa customers were invited to relax at the lounge before and after treatment. Love the comfy day bed. Unfortunately the lounge faces the pool and some kids were playing in the pool so not really peaceful and quiet unlike other Spa Village.

Spa treatment room.

This is the spa suite meant for couples.

I booked the signature Nutmeg-Rice Rolling Massage. Warm nutmeg and rice are massaged onto the body to reduce aches and rid wind from the muscles, just what I need to relieve my stiff shoulders and back.

My appointment was about 10am (after breakfast). Was led to the changing room to change into comfy bathrobe then proceeded to the relaxation lounge.

Was served a cold towel, water and an orange?! prior to the treatment. Didn't take the orange, a little weird I thought.

My therapist first started a pre-treatment experience of soothing hair care ritual which included washing, combing and scalp massage. Ahhh, blissful! There's a small TV screen fixed to the ceiling for guests to enjoy during the hair wash but they were showing a very old black and white Malay dance -_-"
The pair of wooden comb used by the therapist to comb my hair was gifted to me at the end of the treatment.

After the pre-treatment hair ritual, was led to the spa treatment room where the therapist worked her magic to sooth my stiff muscles. I must compliment the skills of the therapist, and the nutmeg-rice was indeed warming and soothing to the body. I totally love this signature massage!

After the treatment, was served a pot of hot Chinese tea and some achar (pickled vegetables).
Overall, was really pleased with the spa experience, Spa Village certainly lives up to its name! Not sure when I would visit again, probably some other YTL property for different Spa Village experience.

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