09 September 2013

Phuket Sep 2013 - Part III, Breakfast at Elements Restaurant Pullman Phuket Arcadia

Continued from Part I - Pullman Phuket Arcadia and Part II - Grand Ocean  Room

For this post, I'm going to share about breakfast at Elements Restaurant!

Somehow, breakfast is always a high anticipated thing for me whenever I go on beach vacations. Even though it's very tempting to just sleep in till late, I make myself (and hubby) wake up for the resort's buffet breakfast every time.

Some resorts provide semi-buffet breakfast where the main course (such as noodles, rice, different cooking style of eggs with bacon, sausages etc) is cooked-to-order and the sides like bread, cereals and fruits are self-service. Whereas some resorts offer a full buffet service.

I remember the best semi-buffets we had were at Koh Samui (Sareeraya and Hansar), so I was highly anticipating the buffet here at Pullman. Breakfast is served at Elements Restaurant, located one level below the reception area.

The restaurant is very airy and spacious, with uniform design and furnishing that is consistent with the rest of the resort. Buffet is fully self-service with an open kitchen where certain items are cooked ala-minute. Breakfast is served from 6.30am to 11am, very generous timing allowance for both early risers and those preferring to sleep till late.

There are plenty of seats available both indoors and alfresco.

We opted alfresco for both days. Good to enjoy the great sunshine and fresh air early in the morning.

Some of the seats are under the sun, which we reckon would be more suitable for dinner seatings. Don't wanna be baked during breakfast.

Bakery section with wide variety of breads and pastries. I thought the tiny bottles of jam hanging on the ornament tree is really cute and functional.

Very good selection of greens with different types of sauces to go along.

Wide selection of cheese and cold cuts deli meat as well.

Cutesy looking petite bowls of appetizers.

Fair selection of tropical fruits.

Yogurts and muesli.

Crackers with dried fruits and nuts.

Bread and pudding and pie/quiche.

Roasted leg of ham.

Fresh milk, low fat milk and soy milk.

Nespresso machine those who need their caffeine fix.

Cereals and juices.

Healthy smoothie bar.

Open kitchen where guests can order their eggs, sausages, pancakes, waffles, noodles and dim sum.

Hot food selection like porridge, fried rice, fried noodles, stir-fry veggies and meat, baked beans, hash brown etc.

Day 2 - first serving.

Some greens, smoothie, appetizers and Danish pastry. Not bad.

Second helping :p

Sunny side-up, bacon, hash brown, ham. Yummy!

Third helping - some fruits and juice.

Day 3 - first helping.

Bread with honey dip, appetizers and greens.

Second helping. Flat rice noodle soup, topped with some pork balls, roast pork and fish rings.

The broth was very nice but the noodle wasn't cooked properly, some pieces were stuck together. The pork ball and roast pork were very delicious!

Third helping. Mixture of everything I like :p Danish pastry, roast pork, bacon, fish ring, veggie and dragon fruit. Weird combination, I know :p
All in all, we were quite satisfied with the buffet selection. However, we wish there could be more thai food such as Pad Thai, fried kway teow, stir fried basil with chicken/pork type of dishes. Even though there's a noodle counter, the types of noodle offered seemed to be what I can find in Singapore like the thin noodles, spinach noodles. Was hoping for glass noodles and rice noodles. So I would say that the buffet still falls a little short of our expectation as compared to Hansar and Sareeraya Samui.
In terms of service, the staff were very efficient in clearing our plates so no issue with that. However, on Day 3 (Sunday), the open kitchen seemed to be very short-handed. At one point there was only one chef who had to man 4 counters at the same time and he seemed a little disorganized. After taking my order for noodles, he went on to take order for eggs and sausage and pancakes and did those orders first even though I was the first. Eventually another chef appeared but I had to wait about 10-15 mins for a bowl of noodles. I guess there might have been some manpower lapse but luckily there weren't that many guests on that day.
That said, I believe dear son would enjoy the buffet very much if we were to bring him along. *wink*
A pity we didn't get to eat lunch or dinner at Elements again or Vero the Italian restaurant this time round. We promise ourselves we have to dine at either of these restaurants the next visit to Pullman Phuket. That's right, the next trip if we have the chance again!
That's all, and stay tune for the next post where I will share about what and where exactly we had our lunches and dinners in Phuket!

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