30 April 2016

Hong Kong Mar 2016 - Kitchen/Bakeware/Zakka

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 Finally the last post of my Hong Kong trip! And this post is all about my favourite kitchen/bakeware and zakka shopping =D

Discovered this zakka shop called Lost & Found, a lifestyle concept shop selling all sorts of zakka merchandise, from small furniture to accessories to ornaments, stationery and of course kitchenware. I visited this branch at Olympian City 2 and another branch at The One, Kowloon.

Lost & Found Hong Kong

I believe every baking/cooking enthusiast would know about the famous Shanghai Street which housed a number of kitchenware/bakeware shops.

Shanghai Street is one long stretch of road, but most of the kitchen/bakeware shops are concentrated around two blocks. What I did was take the MTR to Yau Ma Tei Station, exit C, head west along Man Ling Lane. Once I hit the main road, it is Shanghai Street already. The two blocks between Man Ling Lane (along Shanghai Street and across the street) are the main shops to look for.


Chan Chi Kee Cutlery 陳枝記 (block to the left of Man Ling Lane) is a very big shop selling all sorts of kitchenware, bakeware, equipment etc, something like Sia Huat in SG but many more stuff cluttered around in the shop. Prices are very friendly and I found some of the bakeware/kitchenware I bought here were the lowest price among the few shops.

Chan Chi Kee Cutlery 陳枝記

G/F 316-318 Shanghai Street, Kowloon


Kwong Wing Food Industry 光榮飲食 (next door to Chan Chi Kee) is another kitchenware shop which carries kitchenware, bakeware, equipment, machinery and electronic appliances. I found the prices of bakeware here higher than the other shops, and not as much selection as well, probably because it specialises more in equipment. Can actually skip this shop if no time.

Kwong Wing Food Industry 光榮飲食
G/F 312-314 Shanghai Street, Kowloon

Man Kee Chopping Board 萬記砧板 (block to the right of Man Ling Lane) is an even larger scale shop than Chan Chi Kee, with a huge selection of kitchenware, bakeware, crockery, cutlery etc (not so much of equipment or machinery). They carry a good selection of moulds for traditional pastry making like mooncake as well. Prices here quite friendly too, comparable to that of Chan Chi Kee.

Man Kee Chopping Board 萬記砧板
G/F 340-342 Shanghai Street, Kowloon

I Love Cake (one shop away from Man Kee) is more of a western bakeware shop, selling bakeware, accessories, packaging materials and ingredients. The shop is small, but well-stock with all the necessary things needed for baking. I love to pop in to check out any latest baking ingredient or cutesy bakeware that they sell. A bit like Phoon Huat but much smaller scale (but still very well-stocked).

I Love Cake
G/F 338 Shanghai Street, Kowloon

The shops opposite to Man Kee are worth a visit too. One of the shop specialises in wood products like wooden trays and serve which I was so tempted to buy. A few shops specialises in packaging items.

Walking further up north towards Mong Kok for about 3 mins, is another building which houses two bakeware shops. On Yip Building is located on the left side of Shanghai Street (in the direction of Mong Kok).

On Level 18 is Sweet Decorations, selling mainly cake decorating and baking supplies, a bit like Phoon Huat of Singapore. Although smaller scale, but very well-stocked.

Sweet Decorations
18/F On Yip Commercial Building, 395 - 397 Shanghai Street

Twinsco 二德惠 is another baking supplies shop on level 1 of On Yip Building. They also have a cooking workshop on level 10. Also like Phoon Huat but more well-stocked.

Twinsco 二德惠
1/F On Yip Commercial Building, 395 - 397 Shanghai Street

Chanced upon this shop Noble Living at Sai Kung, selling kitchenware and serveware at very attractive prices. Pretty amazed to find a hidden gem in Sai Kung.

In fact, there's another local household-ware shop that I found lots of treasure as well (forgot to take photo of the shop).

Pantry Magic at Central Hong Kong. There used to be a branch in Singapore a few years back but it has since closed down. It's located near to Tai Ping Shan Street area, and since I was on my way to teakha I, decided to pop by to take a look. Definitely on the pricey side since the merchandise sold are of higher quality and imported from the US and Europe.

Pantry Magic
G/F, 25 Lok Ku Rd, Central, Hong Kong

Here's sharing the loot I got this time!

Bought these from Chan Chi Kee at Shanghai Street. Two moulds for frying eggs and a broad-based spatula which I find super useful.

Assorted bakeware bought from Man Kee, Chan Chi Kee, Noble Living, Twinsco and Pantry Magic.
I'm totally into tarts these days and very pleased to find tart cases of different shapes and sizes, especially the petite ones. And I also found a tiny (ice-cream) 2.5cm scoop which is ideal for making tiny chocolate cookies (Yes I need my cookies to be in uniform size, previously I've been using a 3cm ice-cream scoop).

Assorted serveware bought from FrancFranc, Muji, Man Kee and a local household-ware shop in Sai Kung. Fell in love with the crockery and utensils used at the cafes/Cha Chaan Teng and decided to get a few :p

A special mention about FrancFranc. It's one of my favourite lifestyle concept shop from Japan. There used to be two branches in SG but they closed down few years ago :( Glad to see the shop at iSquare, Tsim Sha Tsui this time!

Random glassware from FrancFranc and Lost & Found. The plant in the glass jar is actually fake! LOL! Suitable for a plant-killer like me :p

Aren't the two glass containers cute? I'm good at this, buying stuff just because they look cute :p

Overall, I really enjoyed my zakka shopping in Hong Kong. Found the selection, variety and prices generally more attractive than that of SG (although still not as wide selection as compared to Japan). (really wish to complain about variety of kitchen/bakeware and baking supplies in SG, it sucks!).

And here, I conclude my 9-part posting on Hong Kong, just a little sharing on my personal experience, hope it's an enjoyable read :)

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