16 December 2016

Petite Cheese Sausage Bun

I haven't been baking any bread for a long time! In fact, I haven't been baking anything new, except for a few same old pastries and cakes :p Been moping around watching kdrama busy since I came back from family vacation last week and couldn't find my cooking/baking/blogging mojo :( I seriously gonna buck-up coz the festive season is upcoming and I've got two parties and festive bakes to manage!

Anyways, back to these petite cheese sausage buns.

My kiddo loves sausage buns so I will bake these from time to time, using old dough, Yudane or tangzhong (water-roux) methods of making sweet bread dough.

For this batch of sausage buns, I used the tangzhong method from this recipe book. Previously I have always been using the 65度C汤種面包 (65 degree celsius Tang Zhong Bread)and this time decided to try a slightly different recipe (actually the principle is about the same). The recipe in this book is just nice for making 10 petite sausage buns, perfect for my small family of three.

For sausage, I like to use this particular brand of petite sausage that comes in different flavours like original, cheese, black pepper and seaweed, available at NTUC or Cold Storage. Each sausage is about 6-7cm only and just the right length for making petite bun. Picture here is the original flavour, I used cheese flavour this time (forgot to take a photo).

No step-by-step photos, only recipe as I was running late and no time to take photos of the process. If keen, can refer to my old recipes using old dough method, which is almost similar.

Petite Cheese Sausage Bun
(makes 10 buns)

Tangzhong/Water roux method
  • 20g bread flour
  • 100 water
 *There will be leftover water roux (I forgot to weigh the balance), the balance can be cling-wrapped and store in fridge for 1-2 days. Discard if it turns greyish.

Sausage bun
  • 150g bread flour
  • 60g water roux
  • 3g instant dry yeast
  • 30g egg
  • 20g caster sugar
  • 15g milk powder
  • 30g water
  • 15g unsalted butter, cubed and slightly softened
  • 10 pcs petite cheese sausage
  • Balance egg for brushing
  1. Making water roux: Combine bread flour and water in a pot and stir till dissolved. Place pot on stove over low heat. Stir continuously till thickened (temperature is around 60 degree celsius). Remove from heat and cover with clingwrap at the surface of the water roux. Set aside to cool before using.
  2. Making sausage bun: Place bread flour, water roux, yeast, egg, sugar, milk powder and water into a mixing bowl, beat on medium speed in an electric mixer using dough hook until combine.
  3. Once the ingredients are combined and gluten is formed, add unsalted butter piece by piece, and beat on medium high speed till thin membrane stage. Do the window pane test by stretching the dough, it will be almost translucent and not break.
  4. Round the dough, grease the mixing bowl and place the dough into the bowl. Cover the bowl with clingwrap and let it proof for 45 mins or until size doubles. To check if fermentation is done, poke a finger into the middle of the dough, if the hole stays, proofing is completed.
  5. Place the dough on a kneading mat, knead to remove air from the dough. Weight of dough is about 315g, divide into 10 portions, about 30-32g each.
  6. Round the dough portions, cover with cling wrap and let them rest for 10 mins.
  7. After 10 mins, the dough portions are ready to be used. Roll the dough into a thin log and twirl it around the sausage about 2-3 rounds.
  8. Place the dough seam facing down onto a baking tray lined with Silpat mat or baking parchment.
  9. Cover with clingwrap and final proof for about 45 mins.
  10. Once ready, brush with egg wash on the surface of the dough.
  11. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 degree celsius (top and bottom heat)  for about 15 mins.
  12. Remove tray from oven and place on wire rack to cool. Brush surface of bun with salted or unsalted butter (optional, for more shine). 

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