02 August 2008

Japanese-French Pastries Class II

Attended Chef Keiko Ishida's Japanese-French Pastries Class at Shermay's Cooking School. The last time I attended her class was back in Oct last year, also on Jap-French Pastries. She is really meticulous in preparation and offers many useful and interesting tips. In fact, Chef Joycelyn too! Something that I must learn to pick up as I tend to be a little clumsy and messy.

For this class, she taught 5 recipes.
  • Matcha (Green Tea) Mousse
  • Almond Vanilla Financier
  • Almond Snow Ball
  • Green Tea Souffle Swiss Roll
  • Banana Caramel Swiss Roll
Almond Vanilla Financiers
Been looking forward to this class because I love Almond Financiers very much. Not sure where to get good ones in Singapore; so far only tasted Jap-made ones during my travels to Japan. So I hope I can learn this traditional french butter cake and bake it as and when I have a craving.
Almond Snow Balls
These are basically cookies shaped in balls made with ground almonds and covered with icing sugar. With such a romantic name (I always think that snow and winter is very romantic), this cookie is supposedly popular in Japan as wedding favours. I'm not a cookie person and found it a tad too sweet for my liking. Perhaps I can try to adjust the sugar content.
Matcha (Green Tea) Mousse
This cold dessert flavoured with Japanese green tea would be a good way to cleanse the palate after a meal. Complement the mellow bitter macha mousse with some sweetened red bean paste and sprinkle some edible gold leaves - what a luxe way of presenting the dessert.
Green Tea Souffle Swiss Roll
This green tea souffle sponge with whipped cream and home-made red bean paste looks and tastes perfect. Texture of the sponge is light. The combination of green tea, whipped cream and red bean is match-made in heaven!

Banana Caramel Swiss Roll

This simple swiss roll sponge is even lighter than the green tea souffle sponge! Really yummy with whipped cream, bananas and caramel cream. I'm tempted to try this recipe but rolling the sponge successfully would be a challenge. Had previously tried the Dark Sugar Swiss Roll but failed. Nevertheless, I will try.

At the end of the class, all participants brought home a box of all the pastries that were taught during class. What a treat!


  1. hi,
    i would love to attend lessons like this~ if she is coming again could u bring me along too? lolx i checked the shermay's cooking sch schedule and found out that there is only one day teach by Keiko Ishida.
    btw all the food look so yummy!~

  2. Hi akaiame,
    Classes at Shermay's Cooking School are not easy to book due to immense popularity. Do check the website often and sign up for updates :)

  3. hi,
    sure!~ i'll take note~ thks~

  4. Hi Akaiame,

    Can you share the recipes for the macha swiss roll and banana caramel swiss roll? thks!


  5. Hi, Is Keiko Ishida still teaching in Shermay? I love the texture of your swiss roll. Is this soft and cottony type?

  6. Hi edith,
    Keiko has returned to Japan for good. But understand she may return to Singapore from time to time to teach baking class. Heard that she is also launching a new cookbook this year.
    Yes, her swiss roll is very soft and cottony. Somehow I still couldn't get the gist of her method and my trials turn out harder.

  7. Hi, so to say that it is hard to master the recipe even though you have the recipe.

    Do you think you can let me know if there will be a class from Keiko when you heard about it?

    I am quite keen on the challenge hahaha as my search for a good soft cake still continues.

  8. I tried the banana caramel swiss roll today from her Okashi recipe book, but my swiss roll sponge failed 3 times. Why does the base have a tough layer? As it was already quite thin, i couldn't just cut it away.

  9. Hi,
    Did you lay parchment paper at the base? Actually, Chef Keiko uses drawing block paper as the base which is easier to peel from the cake.
    Or you might want to check your oven temperature.

  10. Is her recipe same as the one in her book? I have got the book since I cannot attend her class.

  11. Edith: The recipes are the same, except for the Matcha Mousse which is not in the book.

  12. hi! Can you share the recipes for all the items ? Thank you =)

  13. Hi Yoon,
    I'm afraid I can't share the recipes here because they are under copyright by the chef and cooking school. Some of the recipes are from Chef Keiko's book, Okashi. Perhaps you may like to check from there.