27 November 2010

Missing In Action

*Sigh* I know, I have MIA for so long. So many things to blog but just no personal time to edit my photos and pen the happenings.

Well, it's been crazy and frustrating since Oct. We made a short holiday to Penang in Oct and baby was uber cranky for 3 weeks after we got back. Then, just as he managed to settle down, we were off to Hong Kong for another vacation. Now trying to adjust him back to our usual routine again. He's been super sticky, as well as fussy with his food. So, I was all too weary and tired by the end of each day. I was always in dilemma whether to catch up on my sleep or to blog... in the end, internet surfing/silly iphone games the ZZZ monster won the battles.

Anyways, it's nearing the end of the year. I ought to clear all my backlogs. Soon. I hope.