10 June 2008

Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant, Liang Seah Street

After 2 weeks of simple congee/soups, Milo/cereal drinks and plain crackers, I'm certainly craving for some delicious hawker/restaurant (bit sinful) fare. But I'm careful not to over-indulge since my digestive system just recovered.
Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant is located very near my ob-gyn clinic and I'm been looking forward to this appointment and dreaming about the sweet & sour chicken since 2 weeks ago :d~~~
Hubby first introduced me to this eatery. Apparently he's quite a 'regular customer' as he would have lunch here every Sunday after soccer practice with his soccer mates.
I would say it's more of a 'zi char' eatery than a restaurant since there is no ambience to begin with. Diners come here merely for reasonably good food at affordable prices (no service charge too).
There is a fair variety of dishes available from the menu like soups, vegetables, beancurd, meats, seafood etc, mostly chinese-influenced thai fare like Tom Yam Soup, Pineapple Rice and Green Curry. Diners can either order a few dishes to share or just one-dish rice or noodles.
This was my 3rd visit, usually we would order 1 soup, 1 meat/seafood and 1 vegetable. With 2 drinks, rice and 3 dishes, average cost is $26 for 2 persons which is quite reasonable for a hearty meal. (Pictures below taken over 2 visits.)

Hubby enjoyed this Tom Yam Soup very much, which is just about the right tartness and spiciness. Quite a lot of ingredients as well for the price of $7 - prawns (not very fresh though), squid, fish, mushroom, baby sweet corn, carrots.
I love this Deep-fried Butter Squid (can't remember the price, think it's $8), coated in some egg batter and deep fried until golden brown and with curry leaves and chilli padi as well. Goes very well with thai chilli sauce or good as it is. I love munching on the deep fried curry leaves, so light and crispy with hint of curry flavour.
The Stir-fry Kai Lan ($6) is cooked just right with oyster sauce and enhanced with crispy shallots.
The star of my lunch today - Sweet & Sour Chicken ($9)! Restaurants usually serve Sweet & Sour Pork but Maggie's uses chicken which is surprisingly good. Each chicken cube is deep-fried to perfection and coated with just the right amount of sweet & sour sauce (strong hint of ketchup - I really like ketchup alot). Each piece is crispy and yet the chicken meat inside still remains quite juicy and tender. This dish really goes very well with plain white rice. There is also a one-dish sweet & sour chicken rice ($5) which is very popular among the frequent customers.
Have yet to try the Pineapple Rice which many claim to be very good. Will be back for more to try other dishes!


Went for final review with my OB-GYN this afternoon, very glad to hear that my wounds have healed well and in fact I can try conceiving in 2 months' time. My chances of conceiving may take longer (average 6 months instead of 3 months), but we are hopeful. Doc also showed us a photo by one of her patients who was in same condition but recovered well and subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby recently. So all's good :)
Haven't blogged for more than a week, because I think it's somewhat jinx. The last 2 times I blogged about my condition, I fell ill immediately the day after. In fact, just before this incident, I was still discussing about hospital stay (when selecting company insurance policy) with my colleagues and that I literally have no idea because I have never stayed in hospital before. Touch wood, the week following this thing happened. So crossing my fingers and toes :p
Will be starting work tomorrow, looking forward to a brand new beginning!