23 September 2016

Hilton Pattaya Sep 2016

Goodness, I haven't been updating my travel logs for so long! Still procrastinating on my Kansai trip in Feb and Sydney-Gold Coast trip in Jun; there are tons of photos and I simply couldn't find the mojo to edit them. Shucks! I figured I should write about something more recent and simple to kickstart my engine :p But oops, there are like 50 photos alone in this post!

Anyways, the HB had a short work trip to Pattaya two weeks ago and I shamelessly tagged along since I haven't been Pattaya before. Well, the thing is, I stayed in the hotel and mall most of the time because I was busy shopping, catching Pokemon (yes there's a PokeGym and several Pokestops at the mall itself!) and basically just lazing around. Ha. So, this is not really a travel post but more of my stay experience at Hilton Pattaya :p

The Hilton Pattaya is located right in front of the Pattaya Beach and perched above the Central Festival Mall, which is the largest and newest mall in Pattaya. The beach front looks all swanky and modern but the streets behind the mall/hotel is actually quite similar to Patong area in Phuket. And of course the notorious Pattaya Walking Street, the red-light district with "adult" entertainment. Well, we didn't venture there. I wanted to go take a look but the HB said no. Okie.

Love the architectural design of the resort hotel, with emphasis on greenery and wood, creating an earthy and soothing feel.

Step into the lobby located on level 16, I was once again wowed by the elegant and soothing furnishing. Once again, earthy and neutral tones are used at the spacious and airy lobby lounge, making guests feel totally relaxed and at ease.

Our deluxe room was on level 27, bright and spacious and elegantly furnished with mostly earth tones with tinge of pale blue/green.

I always love and appreciate a comfy couch to lounge about.

The open-concept bathroom with over-sized bathtub. Not to worry, there are sliding doors for privacy as well.

Day and night view from the room. One thing though, it could get a little noisy, as the bars blasted super loud music late into the night every other night. The room's sound proofing works quite ok here or probably because we were on higher level.

Did a brief tour of the hotel premises to check out the facilities :)

Drift next to lobby lounge, serving light refreshment like snacks and cakes and even afternoon tea sets.

Totally love the alfresco area with lots of over-sized lounge sofas and overlooking Pattaya Bay.

Overlooking the hotel's infinity pool.

The hotel pool is another area I love, and the pool can get quite busy especially during evenings.

The view at the infinity pool is certainly stunning, which explains why many guests visit here not only to swim or chill-out but to take photos.

 I love to hide inside one of these enclave pods, blissful way to relax before and after swimming.

Checked out the gym too, which is well-equipped and maintained with adequate exercise equipment for exercise buffs. For me, the treadmill is good enough.

Also checked out the spa, which has spa suites that overlook the Pattaya Bay as well. Unfortunately, didn't have time to have any treatment.

The Edge Restaurant, located at level 14 and overlooking Pattaya Bay. Had buffet breakfast here for 3 days.

Keeping to the overall earthy theme of the hotel, with some touch of subtle cheery colours, it's definitely a great place to start the day.

 Indoor dining area.

 Or choose to dine alfresco and enjoy the lovely view of the bay.

Breakfast spread was so sumptuous, I couldn't decide what to eat every day. Luckily I had three breakfasts here and could sample the different types of food offered.

Salad, cheese and cold cut bar.

 Korean and Japanese bar.

 The usual cereal and milk.

 I love the mixed fruits yogurt here, served in individual mason jars.

Bread corner with abundant selection of bread and pastries.

Many different types of hot food selection from Chinese, to Indian, to Western and of course Thai.

Colourful bottled juice. Guests can also request for freshly-squeezed juice.

 Live station serving thai noodle soup.

Everyone's favourite egg station. Got too hungry and gave up taking photos, there are in fact more selection.

My breakfast selection :)

First breakfast.

 Second breakfast.

Breakfast before heading home.

Don't say I never go to the beach, I did, briefly. But it was just too hot :p

Probably next time I would visit some attractions.

Most importantly, it was a relaxing getaway and at least I get to have an overview of Pattaya.