23 May 2011

Koh Samui 26-28 Feb 2011 Part I

Finally, I got down to sort my travel photos and edit them! Took lotsa photos as usual and will be splitting this entry into 2 parts.

Hubby and I brought dear son to Koh Samui back in Feb for a short 3D2N getaway. This was our third time on the island, we really missd the "Tiger Balm" massage as well as our favourite restaurant on the island, "Sabieng Lae". Technically, this was not his 'first' trip to Koh Samui, I 'brought' him there during my second trimester. LOL, not that he knows.

The flight was 8+pm, which was supposed to be his bedtime, but he was too excited to sleep. In the end, we had to keep him entertained and out of mischief throughout the flight. Thank goodness it was a short flight under 2hr! By the time we touched down, cleared customs and reached the resort, it was already 10+pm. This time we decided to stay in yet another different resort, the Chaweng Regent Beach Resort, because it's located nearer to the main shopping district along Chaweng Beach and hence more convenient with a toddler.

We checked into a Premier Room, which is slightly bigger in room size so that dear son could have more space to explore. The king-size bed was cozy and comfortable, good size for all 3 of us.
Day bed which we didn't really use much. Didn't need it as we were comfortable lazing about the king size bed all day long.
Pleased with the flat screen TV, not that we watched much TV.

Very spacious bathroom which comes with an attached jacuzzi bath. Dear son enjoyed waddling in this super size bath tub.
Balcony which we didn't use much as we were afraid of the mosquitoes.

After we settled down, hubby ventured out for his favourite "Tiger Balm" massage while I stayed back with dear son for his overdue sleep time.
The very next day, all of us woke up bright and early (ahem, it was dear son actually who wakes up at 7am everyday without fail). After washing up, went to Chom Talay for the buffet breakfast.

Chom Talay was just next to the beach, with ample seating areas both indoor and alfresco according to preference. Buffet spread was pretty standard with the usual juices, cereal, fruits, deli, bakery, egg station, noddle station, porridge, sushi, hot dishes etc.

I ordered a bowl of rice noodles from the noodle station. The broth was light and soothing, just perfect to warm my tummy :)
Followed by a small selection of the buffet spread.
After breakfast, we explored the resort with dear son. There are 2 pools, the beach pool and garden pool. Yes, looks inviting but we only soaked ourselves in the children's pool with dear son.

There's a spa located within the resort itself but prices are much higher than that of the spas along the Chaweng streets, so I didn't try the service.

After exploring the resort, it was still quite early (we woke up very early remember)? Shops were not opened yet and it was also not time for dear son's nap, so we decided to head to the beach for him to play with sand.

This was his very first time playing with sand, he was totally intrigued and enjoyed himself so much that he didn't want to leave. As the sun got hotter, we brought him to the children's pool for a quick dip before heading back to the room. After we bathed and changed him, he was tired from all the morning activities and quickly settled into his nap, while both hubby and I were glad to take a breather.

Part II to be continued...


  1. That looks so beautiful. I want to go there!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    We like Koh Samui as it's a small little island where we could just laze and do nothing. In terms of beach, not as beautiful as other islands in Thailand though.