01 January 2007

2007... A New Beginning!

After much conceptualising or should I say "procrastinating", I finally made up my mind to start my blog. I wanted to do it since sometime back, but as always I can't make up my mind about which blogware to use, whether to get my own web address, the design, layout, concept etc etc; moreover I was really busy with work and a lot of other stuff, yadda yadda yadda... Ha! Excuses!
Well, I decide my very first new year resolution for 2007 is to start my blog, something simple to begin. Dreamersloft is something like my personal reference or virtual 'scrapbook' to capture lifestyle desires and indulgence - food, vacations, spa, shopping...
In fact, I have a whole collection of photos over the past few years, shall attempt to re-collect the stories slowly. Looking forward to decorating and filling my 'Loft'. Make yourself at home :)


  1. ohhh shoot :) after seeing a bit the photos, I have decided I will read your blog from start to finish. Ahhh I envy uuuuu I want to go to Japan :D
    Where are u right now?
    Well u will see my comments soon

  2. Hi,
    Thanks! Glad you are enjoying my blog. I'm in Singapore. What about you?