03 January 2007

Sinful Indulgence - Pork Belly Bun 扣肉包

I know this is extremely sinful with all the fatty belly meat drenched in various sauces and dripping with oil. But I guess it is alright to indulge in some guilt once in a while. Ok ok, I admit - I love 'Kong Ba Bao'!
When I was young, I used to buy 'Kong Ba Bao' from the neighbourhood kopitiam. Peering into racks of steamy buns, I would be seduced by the 'Kong Ba Bao' without fail. The tantalising pork belly was sweet, tender and succulent. Pure satisfaction with each bite!
Last year, tried a homecooked pork belly bun at a friend's place and was pleasantly surprised it is actually quite easy to make at home. Now I can have my 'Kong Ba Bao' anytime I want and in fact, I could modify the recipe to make it 'healthier' (yah right. But I suppose I could choose leaner cuts of meat and add lesser amount of marinating sauces).
Recipe (serves 4-5 pax)
Ingredients- $5 worth of Pork Belly (around 8-10 pieces)
- 8-10 buns
- Lettuce (personal preference)
- Mustard (Wild American Mustard, add a tinge of spiciness)
- Dark soya sauce
- Hsiao Sin cooking wine
- Ginger juice
- Garlic
- Sugar
- Oyster sauce
- Pepper
- Sesame oil
Marinate the pork belly with the sauces overnight. Put the marinated pork belly in a sauce pan and fill with water till water just covers the meat. Add 1 whole clove of garlic. You may add 1 small piece of rock sugar if you want the meat to be sweeter. The pork belly should be succulent and tender after 45mins to 1hr. Serve with steamed bun and add some lettuce to make it more refreshing.

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