15 February 2007

Day 7, 21 Dec 06 - Shopping for Zakka Goods

How time flies, we were in Japan for almost a week already. Last few days in Tokyo, gonna make every moment count with more food and shopping!

Objective for the day was Jiyugaoka 自由が丘 and Daikanyama 代官山. Both are havens for zakka 創意生活雜貨, (lifestyle concept shops) selling all sorts of creative goods from office stationery to household and kitchen wares to fashion and accessories. Jiyugaoka also boast of many famous confectionery shops.

We were supposed to take the Tokyu Line from Shibuya Station to Jiyugaoka but hubby discovered a huge fishing tackle shop next to Shibuya Station. Like a little boy in a toy store, he spent almost 2 hrs there, should have gone shopping by myself!
As it was approaching lunch hour, we decided to drop by Tokyu Department Store - Food Show to grab a bite first. I remembered the last time in Tokyo, we packed a galore of food back to hotel for a feast. Indeed, Food Show is a melting pot of many selection of food, all vying for your attention. To call it Food Show is an understatement because it is really more than that, with explosion of sight, sound, smell, taste and even touch amalgamated to overwhelm your senses.
Apparently, most department stores in Japan would invite renowned brands, patissiers and restauranteurs to set up stalls at the basement area so as to attract crowd and boast sales. Long queues are common sights as most stalls pull promotional gigs such as limited edition or value items which are seasonal. Food Halls have become a culture in Japan. Fruits, seafood, meat and vegetable in the supermarket also look exceptionally fresh.
I had ham and egg crepe and hubby had Tori Katsu Don (Chicken Cutlet Rice). Crepe is apparently quite popular among the teens in Japan and it is not just a sweet snack but can be a full meal with fillings such as tuna and meat.

After lunch, we headed off to Jiyugaoka and I spent the entire afternoon shopping for zakka goods. Despite its reputation as a zakka haven, Jiyugaoka remains a quaint town dotted with interesting concept shops and doesn't appear as too commercialised. It is really comfortable as I stroll leisurely, feeling somewhat like a demure Japanese homemaker shopping for ideas and wares to furnish the house. A few of my favourite zakka shops are Afternoon Tea, quatre saisons, Watashi no Heya and Sunday Brunch.

Spent too much time at Jiyugaoka and by the time I got to Daikanyama, it was quite dark and difficult to navigate. Had to cut short the shopping at Daikanyama but I was already one satisfied shopper with bags of merchandise from Jiyugaoka.

We went back to Shinjuku and decided to go for chinese food at Din Tai Feng at Takashimaya Times Square. Chinese food is equally popular and we had to queue for a while. After a meal of dumplings, spicy hot soup, noodles and fried rice, we stopped by a cafe for drinks before calling it a day.

Day 7 thoughts: I love love love Food Halls and Zakka Shops!

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