25 February 2007

Shopaholic in Tokyo 东京瞎拼

从东京回来已有两个月了。在撰写游记的过程, 回想起路途的点滴, 感觉既是美好却有点意犹未尽。也许只能从照片和买回来的东西里找到些许记忆。哎呀, 怎么感触起来了? 其实,每个旅途都会有故事和精彩。 这样才会让你期待下一个旅途的到来,不是吗?
在日本购物是一种享受也令人感到震撼。是东西新奇或是商场营造出的气氛? 总是会引起人们 (是我啦) 的购买欲。
也许, 这就是日本的魅力.
好啦, 就来分享一下一些比较喜爱的战利品吧。
It's been 2 months since my holiday in Japan. Sorting out the collaterals and writing the travel journal brought back wonderful memories. Sure it was a great trip, but can't help pinning for more. Somehow, there's always a sense of loss after every trip. But the dreamer in me will still fantasize about the next one.
Anyway, talking about shopping in Japan. It is simply pulsating! I guess because there is just so much to look at! Certainly overwhelmed by things that I have not seen back home.
Here's sharing some stuff that got me drooling and swooning.
These are 2 bags bought on the last day at this shop called Concierge Petit at Tokyu Shibuya. Fell in love the moment I saw them, especially the 2-colour tote bag - tobo range under babyroo brand. Very unique because there are 2 sides - turquoise and orange and side zipper tied with a shocking pink ribbon. The other bag is etoffe range under the hemings brand. Found a charm at Pluck,Haji Lane (Singapore) to go along with it; and there you have, a casual yet chic bag for the weekend!
Bought these mainly for photo taking purpose (complement food photos), because can't find picture-beautiful ones readily in Singapore. (Now that Pantry Magic is open, should have more selection, yeah!) Jiyuugaoka has many shops offering great choices. But wouldn't really bear to use them because they are not exactly cheap.
And not forgetting the food stuff, merely looking at the display can make you drool and not to mention the lovely packaging. Gift giving is a culture and art in Japan; because it is a practise to buy gifts (usually food items) when visiting someone's place or returning from a trip. The gift should be wrapped nicely and presented to the receiver after the greetings and formalities. The receiver will usually seek permission from the sender to open the gift immediately and express gratitude by sharing the gift if it is food item. Therefore, most merchandise sold in shops are packaged presentably.
In fact when you make any purchase, the shop owners will ask if the merchandise is meant as gift or personal use. Just say 'omiyage' or 'present' and they will painstakingly wrap it up for you, complete with wrapping paper and ribbons/stickers. Usually the service is free but paper/ribbon used are plain and simple ones. If you are willing to top up a small fee, you will get a wider and nicer selection; although the simple ones are already presentable enough.
I'm missing the shopping already... 怎么办,好像有点买不够。

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