20 March 2007

Birthday Vacation

Took a one-week hiatus from blogging. Was really pre-occupied, busy and tired with work, chores, fiddling with my new notebook (old desktop dying soon) and setting up a wireless network at home, felt rather frustrated trying to cope with everything at the same time. Didn't even have time or mood to cook these few weeks :(

Decided to sneak away for a birthday vacation to Bintan over the weekend. Again?! Well, didn't feel like driving up NS highway and trying to save up for upcoming dive trips; boring, yes, but Bintan seems the most convenient choice for a 2D1N getaway and a birthday treat for myself :)

Opted to stay at idyllic Mayang Sari, with rustic beachfront seaview chalet so that I can simply laze by the beach and do nothing, seldom have chance to 'do nothing' since I'm a multi-tasker who cannot sit still. Ideal choice because ambience is tranquil (read: no noisy, rowdy holiday crowd) and beach is nice with clean waters.

There are only 2 restaurants at Mayang Sari, Spice Restaurant and Belle Ile. Hubby and I settled for a quick lunch of salad and burger before hitting the sea for a quick dip as the weather was humid and hot. Surprisingly, we found hard and soft corals with some marine fishes; a pity we didn't have our snorkelling gear but visibility wasn't good anyway.

Was also contemplating a massage at the Kedaton Spa (used to be Asmara Spa) but the spa was fully booked. Should have made booking in advance. Ended up strolling the lush gardens and read by the chalet patio till sun set. Took a simple dinner at Spice Restaurant before retiring back to chalet.

The next day was slow moving, woke up to great sunshine, had leisurely breakfast and slept somemore. I could certainly do with more lazing around :p

The picturesque beach resort offers great photo opportunities but I wasn't motivated. We checked out by noon, had lunch of fish and chips at Belle Ile and headed for home. Return journey is usually the dreaded part and made worst with a crowded ferry terminal; should avoid peak hours for return ferry in future.

Wouldn't say that this is a well-rested getaway, somehow missing something? A friend told me that moodiness is infectious and I certainly agree that negativity breeds negativity. I think even this entry doesn't sound appealing. Hope I could get my crazy vibes back and energy level up again soon. More holiday perhaps? :D

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