28 May 2007

Eating & Shopping at Bangkok - Nov 06

This was a trip made last Nov. Since I'm going to Bangkok soon, I thought I'd better quickly blog about it. Even though it was like half a year ago and I couldn't really remember all the details now; I still want to post some highlights coz it was a good trip.

Although Singapore is much advertised as a shopping paradise, I find Bangkok more affordable with a wider selection of merchandise. Well, could be due to holiday mood which makes shopping more enjoyable; and I could actually afford all the time in the world to shop at a leisurely pace.

Lunch at Greyhound Cafe, Central Chitlom
Have heard much about Greyhound, a Thai brand which started out selling designer apparel and later expanded into cafe/restaurant and targeting at the hip and trendy market. One of the outlets is located within Central Department Store; stylish and clean-cut with dark wood furnishings and everything else white - a choice stopover for those taking a breather from shopping. Thai + fusion cuisine is offered on the menu and not forgetting a wide selection of delicious looking dessert. Could see that much effort has been put in to ensure quality of food at a rather reasonable price. No wonder the cafe is immensely popular.
Food Loft, Central Chitlom
Food Loft is more than a food court, something like Marche concept with selection of thai, chinese, vietnamese, japanese and italian cuisine. Just bring the charge card to any of the open kitchen stalls and place order. At the end of the meal, bring the card to the cashier to tabulate the total amount. Won't say the food was fantastic, though it is worth mentioning that the dining ambience was chic and price reasonable.

Thai Style Noodle, Siam SquareDiscovered this random eatery at Siam Square. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the noodles, fishballs, pork and deep fried cheese dumplings. Little wonder it was crowded and patrons had to share tables.

It was during this trip that I discovered Siam Paragon. The newest and largest retail mall in Bangkok offering everything under one roof, even an oceanarium! How cool is that! The oceanarium is comparable to Sentosa Underwater World; in fact I think it's a notch better in terms of space and concept.
What overwhelmed me was actually the Paragon Gourmet Market and Food Hall. This literally puts our supermarket and food hall in shame. The food court is huge, must have at least 50 stalls? Not counting the restaurants selling all types of cuisine, cafes, bakeries, stalls selling snacks, beverages, thai delights, supermarket etc etc. Gosh, I nearly went crazy. I have found another gourmet paradise besides Tokyo!

MK Gold Restaurant, Siam ParagonSaw a large crowded outside this restaurant. I guess it wouldn't go wrong to follow the locals. And indeed it was a good choice. MK is a chain of restaurant offering thai-style sukiyaki. We ordered a vegetable set with a plate of its highly acclaimed roast duck. The roast duck with a special sauce was tender and succulent. The dip for the sukiyaki was spicy and sweet and complemented the vegetable well. Gotta be back next time to try more items!

Spice Story, Siam Paragon
Was attracted by the exotic flavours of ice-cream and sherbet. Tried a lemongrass sherbet which was light and refreshing. Hmmm....
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi AirportI love the open kitchen concept of the eateries that are located along the aisle between the DFS stores. The aromatic and colorful displays were really tantalising. A clever idea to tempt passengers to part with their last tourist dollars yah?
Looking forward to more Bangkok soon!

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