17 May 2007

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice at Commonwealth Ave Cooked Food Market

My favourite chicken rice stall has got to be Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice 新记 at Commonwealth Ave Cooked Food Market (Blk 40a, Margaret Drive). Seldom eat chicken rice as I feel that it is too oily. Come to think of it, this is one of the few chicken rice stalls I will visit.
Hubby first introduced me to this stall when we were dating some 8 years ago. He swear by the chicken rice here and I'm totally bought over as well :p

The chicken here is lean and tender. What makes it special is the sauce drizzled over the meat. Seems like some light soy sauce (there must be more to it), simple yet brings out the taste of the meat.
I so love the vegetable 油菜 here! There are bean sprout and choy sim 菜心; I always order choy sim which is cooked just right - crunchy, juicy and somehow taste a little sweet. Could have been boiled in some chicken stock? A little light oyster sauce completes the taste.
The chicken feet 鸡脚 is very nice too; texture is very crunchy and usually served cold with light oyster sauce and pepper. They used to serve chicken intestine 鸡肠 which tastes even better than chicken feet but stopped a few years ago as the preparation is tedious and ingredient not readily available.

I like the rice here as it is fluffy and fragrant yet not too oily.

And not to forget the sauces here (forgot to take photo). They serve 3 - the classic chicken rice chilli packed to a punch with a hint of garlic, ginger which balances the oilyness of chicken rice and meat, last but not least, good quality dark soy sauce which is slightly saltish with tinge of bitterness and sweetness.

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