09 May 2007

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe @ The Central, Clarke Quay

Felt pretty bored on a Wednesday evening, short of ideas on where to go. So hubby and I decided to head to The Central at Clarke Quay - the newest kid on the concept retail block.

Navigation of the mall is a little confusing for now as many shops are not opened yet. Aside from the usual fashion and accessories stores, 1 wing of the mall is devoted to eateries and fans of Japanese cuisine (myself included) should be pleased to know that majority are Japanese restaurants! So seems like this is a Jap-centric mall.

Had a hard time deciding where to eat. Obviously it got to be Jap cuisine but which one?

There is Tom Ton which specialises in tonkatsu and shabu-shabu, notably pork served is black pork imported from the US; Marutama Ramen offers authentic tokyo-style ramen; SHO-U - can't missed this one with its striking red wall and entrance decorated with sakura art, serves contemporary Japanese fine dining; Kyomomoyama - specialises in sushi and sashimi; Ma Maison - Jap-Western cuisine; Waraku - popular Jap cuisine joint that serves a wide variety of favourites like udon, rice sets, tempura, sashimi; Pasta de Waruku - Jap-Italian cuisine; Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe - selection of both traditional and modern Jap dishes.

Wanted to try Waraku (heard much about it in reviews) but there was quite a queue. I guess there are many like-minded Singaporeans. Ended up at Sun with Moon as there are also many ravings about this stylish joint which is under the Suntory F&B group that brought in Pepper Lunch. There are 2 other outlets - Chijmes and Wheelock Place.
The restaurant offers alfresco dining facing Clarke Quay and limited seatings indoors. Decoration is cozy and elegant with wood furniture and open kitchen concept. We opted for indoor seats but only counter seats were left. Not a bad choice though, the table surface area is spacious and the semi egg-shaped cushion chairs quite comfy and we had a partial view of the kitchen. Could see dishes being whipped up meticulously and items delicately decorated by the chefs - sure whetted our appetite.

For starter, we ordered the Foie Gras Lettuce which is a trio of foie gras canapes - juicy foie gras with teriyaki sauce atop a small slice of toast and a leaf of lettuce. I like the pairings though the lettuce is a tad dry. I guessed it's there mainly for presentation.

We also ordered the Kushi Mori - an assortment of grilled chicken, pork, minced meat, prawn. Quite standard charcoal grilled items; what attracted me was the Jap sweet potato that was the base. It was grilled to perfection, soft, fluffy, sweet and complemented the meats well.

For the main, we definitely had to go for the Kamameshi 釜饭, traditional steamed seasoned rice pot. The mixture of konnyaku, bamboo shoots and carrot in the rice adds to the fragrance; texture is slightly sticky and chewy. Definitely a satisfying pot, oishii desu!

Not much room for dessert but simply had to try to the tofu cheesecake! Came in a cute little birdy cage. The cake is very light with an almost melt-in-your-mouth smooth texture. Cheese is just right not too heavy, crumbs at the base add some crunch and wild berries atop add a tinge of sourness. Simply divine, we polished it off the 'cage' in no time.

The bill came up to a considerable amount but worth it in terms of ambience, food quality and service. Would like to be back for more desserts.

After the meal, we walked around the basement. Delighted to discover Petit Provence, apparently an offspring of Provence, my favourite bakery at Holland Village. Limited items available like cinnamon bun, chocolate & cream wassant, cookies and cakes. No milk pan :( which is my must-buy bread at Provence.

2 interesting shops - Nippon-Ya Japanese Food Boutique that sells pretty-packaged Japanese snacks and confectionery imported from various parts of Japan as well as Taiwan Lao Zhao Pai which sells specialty foodstuffs from Taiwan. These are great as gifts but somehow the buying mood is just not the same as when you are abroad. But I know now where to go when I'm hankering for Japanese or Taiwanese snacks.

There are other stores like Chippy British Takeaway - famous for fried Mars bar and beer-battered fish n chips; Marcial Kobe - mini donuts and taiyaki. Some stalls are not opened yet. I also remember seeing an ice-cream palour selling ice-cream from Hokkaido, somewhere on Level 1 (must try the next time).

Would I go back to The Central again? Yes, the lure of Jap cuisine.

SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Cafe

#01-70/71/72 The Central

Tel: 65347784


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