30 June 2007

Durian Feast at Segamat, Malaysia

DURIAN season is here! Talk about durians, most people would think of Segamat durians. Hubby's colleague M's hometown happens to be Segamat and she extended invitation to us to have a durian feast at her place. So we decided to venture to the origins to seek the long awaited King of Fruits.

We set off at 8+am (waking up early on a Saturday morning, the motivation of durians!) and went into Johor via the 2nd link. Had planned to go Machap, our usual pit stop for breakfast (about 90km from 2nd link, 30-40mins) but it was under renovation.

M proposed going to Yong Peng for Yong Tao Fu breakfast since Yong Peng is the exit to Segamat as well. Yong Peng is just another 15mins away from Machap.

There are quite a number of Yong Tau Fu eateries at Yong Peng, all claiming to be The authentic one. Fret not, because we have a local guide with us :) and she brought us to the eatery frequented by her family. Thumbs up! The fishballs were bouncy and kway teow very smooth. It was certainly a great way to start our quest for durians.

After an hour's drive from Yong Peng, we reached Segamat, hometown of durians.

M ordered 45kg of durians for us (4 people, 2 of us + another of hubby's colleague and spouse) and the durians cost only RM3 per kg. Upon reaching her place, we spared no time in opening the durians and devoured almost 20kg! Not that we finished all 20kg, we adopted the local's way of eating durians. If it ain't good, throw! No point wasting calories on lousy durians. Kind of extravagant way of eating huh?

The Segamat durians is unlike those D2, D24 and XO type of durians that tend to be very rich. These are more down-to-earth and "kampung" with a nostalgic taste; and you won't feel sick after eating too much.

After the durian feast, time for mahjong! Hadn't play since Chinese New Year and my fingers are already itching. We played for around 2hrs; as hubby's colleague had to return to Singapore by evening, we divided the balance of the durians and headed back.

Before leaving Segamat, M brought us to a coffee shop which serves excellent coffee and tea with toasted kaya and butter bread. A must-try for all who visit Segamat.

The traditional type of bread is used; sliced into halfs, toasted to perfect crispiness and spreaded generously with homemade kaya and butter. Don't think Ya Kun can compare to this.
The Kopi (coffee with milk) and Teh (tea with milk) are also famous here; brewed to just the right taste and aroma.

We also tried a packet of Nasi Lemak. This is the very humble traditional type wrapped in banana leaf (ermm, or is it another type of leaf?). The chilli is sedap!

With that, we headed back to Singapore. Well, all in 10hrs' "work". Fruitful indeed!

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