08 July 2007

Handmade cards I

When it comes to giving cards, whether for birthday wishes or expressing congratulations, I always prefer hand-making the cards if time permits.

With the popularity of ecards that are so convenient and easy, handmade cards are all the more precious. It may not be a perfect and well-made card, but lots of care and thought is put in - from selection of materials, colours, design, format, finishing...
Although there are all sorts of designs available for sale in the market, I feel that nothing beats the personal touch that is being put into making the card and thereby conveying my deepest well wishes for the receiver.
My recent design - birthday card with cardholder that comes in a sweet ribbon handle. The cardholder can be used to hold the card and money or vouchers :)

I usually get my materials from Made With Love, which is a scrapbooking store that offers a huge selection of cardstock and embellishments imported from the US. I'm not really into scrapbooking, but simply couldn't resist the temptations of getting the supplies. Card making would be a good excuse.
Each time I step into this store located at Plaza Singapura, I had to spend at least an hour marvelling the collection and deciding what materials to buy. It is a haven for scrapbook lovers (they call them Scrapaholics) and card or craft makers alike. I confess that the materials I have at home can make more cards than I can give, but well...
Anyway, will showcase some of the designs when I have time. My dear friend PY suggests that I should sell them. But, I wonder who would really buy them?
Made With Love
Plaza Singapura #03-21
Tel: 68373464
Website: http://www.madewithlove.com.sg/

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