24 July 2007

Macarons from Bossacafez

I'm quite into macaron of late. Although they have been around for a while, I only discovered these delicate little gems when I was in Tokyo last year; was fortunate to get some from the Dalloyau branch in Jiyugaoka. And earlier this year, from the Lenotre branch in Emporium, Bangkok.
They were crunchy on the outside while moist and chewy on the inside; and what makes this authentic French pastry attractive and irresistible (at least to me) is the varied flavours and colours.
In Singapore, so far I have only tried the ones from Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie. And most recently, ordered a box from Evan through her blog, Bossacafez. Have been an avid fan of Evan's blog since last year and really inspired by her passion for baking, cooking and photography.
Her macarons look so divine that I just had to try! So I emailed her and placed my orders for Framboise, Lavende and Macha flavours. My orders came in a lovely packaging (my favourite tiffany blue!) - the details and effort put in was amazing.

I love all 3 flavours; the shells and buttercream flavours matched each other quite well, not to mention the lovely colours. Since they are best eaten fresh hence so precious, I relish each and every bite. Yummy!

Much as I wish I can make them, I heard they are really difficult to master and I'm totally clueless (and lazy). Will wait till Joycelyn holds another Macaron Class at Shermay's Cooking School. Meanwhile, if I have macaron cravings, I know where to look.


  1. hey meg, i think you took really good pics of my macarons (as opposed to me taking pics of them myself)! i never know mine could look so matte, coz as far as i know, they always look kinda glossy and shiny. but the most important thing is, im glad you liked them =) thx for giving me the support!

  2. Hi Evan,
    Thanks for the compliments. My camera is a normal digital one, hope to get one with better macro functions. I always take many shots, I guess out of the many, there must be a few that turn out better :p