19 August 2007

Wakeboarding at Punggol Marina

It's almost 2 years since I last did wakeboarding. Finally had a chance to wakeboard with hubby and 2 of his colleagues again. Yep, I'm in desperate need of some adrenalin rush here :D

We made our way to Launch 2002 Wakeboard School at Marina Country Club bright and early on my precious Sunday morning (would have been catching up on my beauty sleep if not for the lure of wakeboarding :p)

Was worried initially whether I could even get up on the board but like the instructor said, wakeboarding is like riding a bicycle. So imagine my elatedness when I managed to get up on my first attempt! Did a fair bit of riding and surfing behind the boat for subsequent trys. Yeah! It sure was great fun!

Oh well, the riding took its toll as the body had to counter the force of the boat and I had body aches for the next few days :( But no regrets and I'm game for more anytime!

Launch 2002 Wakeboard School
600, Ponggol 17th Avenue,
Marina Country Club (former Punggol Marina),
Singapore 829734
E-mail: ride@launch2002.com
Website: http://www.launch2002.com/

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