23 September 2007

Bollywood Veggies and Poison Ivy Bistro, Kranji Countryside

Once in a while, hubby and I will go to the Kranji Countryside, the last remaining natural sanctuary in mainland Singapore. The countryside is not just for nature lovers, it is definitely a great place for families, young and old to enjoy a whole array of recreational and educational activities at the various fish farms, vegetables and fruits farms, dairy farms and more.
The Kranji Countryside offers a place for city dwellers to relax, breath in some fresh air and admire the fauna and flora. Most importantly, it promotes awareness on conservation of our precious natural environment in land scarce Singapore.

One pit-stop we wouldn't miss is Bollywood Veggies and Poison Ivy Bistro located at 100 Neo Tiew Road. Bollywood Veggies grows a large variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs, mostly organic. Make a contribution of S$2 per person to tour the farm on your own or there are some guided tour packages available. Or simply relax and have a bite at the Poison Ivy Bistro where most food items are taken fresh from the farms.

The Bistro offers both air-con and al-fresco dining. I like the decorations which are bright and cheery blended with fine touches of nature and cultural heritage. Menu items offered are simple fare like vegetable and chicken curry, otah otah, spring roll, turnip cake, kueh kueh but certainly full of nostalgia, reminding us of mum's home-cook wholesome taste. There are also lunch specials based on the farm harvest. The Bistro also sells some farm fresh produce (depending on the harvest of the day like pandan leaves, papaya, bittergourd, cucumber, brinjal etc).

Lemongrass chicken - I'm a lemongrass lover; definitely had to try this dish. Chicken drumlets are cooked in a special curry gravy flavoured with lemongrass, herbs and spices. Spicy, slightly sourish and hint of sweetness, the gravy is simply sedap (delicious)! I can just eat plain rice along with the gravy.

Tauhu Goreng - this is a fresh twist to the usual Tauhu Goreng we eat. Instead of using tau kwa which are slightly harder in texture, egg tofu is used here. The peanut sauce is more watery but complements the egg tofu well; taste a little zesty and sweet, I feel this is less 'jia lat' and more refreshing than the usual peanut gravy.

Stir-fried sweet potato leaves with sambal - the leaves must be taken fresh from the farm, they are so young and tender!

Aloe Vera brewed with farm grown Aloe Vera and Lemongrass Tea - refreshing and healthy thirst-quencher on a sunny afternoon.

4-in-1 dessert platter with Kueh Bingka, Banana Cake, Jackfruit Cake and Kueh Kosui - these are NOT TO BE MISSED! These home-made kueh kuehs are humble but divine; especially the Kueh Bingka made from farm grown tapioca and Banana Cake from farm fresh organic bananas - each bite is a burst of flavour and fragrance!

Nice environment, satisfying meal... I should visit the countryside more often :)


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