16 October 2007

Wild Bunch & Co Organic Shot Bar

Was at Holland Village on Sunday and noticed a new concept shop where the florist shop used to be. With its appealing bright orange shopfront, sleek display boards and cool branding and packaging, I simply had to stop and check out this new shop.

Wild Bunch & Co is apparently an Organic Vegetable Juice company that has created a range of 100% organic and healthy juices targetting at health conscious executives who need a quick dosage of healthy pick-me-ups.

Since I was looking for a drink anyway, decided to give it a shot literally. Tried one shot of beetroot, carrot & celery. Hmmm, tasted like beetroot, carrot & celery which I rather enjoy. It says 'Cleanses blood, balances PH levels'. At $2.50 a shot, this organic vegetable juice should work its magic and detox my system right? :p

I love the bottle! Wonder how much it would cost.


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