09 November 2007

Japanese Sesame Cookies

Didn't think much of sesame cookies but ever since I tried the sesame cookies made by Chef Keiko during her Jap-French Pastries Class a couple of weeks ago, my impression changed. Surprisingly, the cookie was savoury and crunchy and not too heavy on the palate.
Since the recipe is rather easy, I wanted to try baking it but couldn't find sesame seeds at the supermarkets around my house. Took an opportunity to go to Meidi-supermarket and finally found the jap black and white sesame seeds.
After preparing the dough mixture of unsalted butter, icing sugar, egg yolks, salt, top flour and sesame seeds, I have to set it in the freezer for 3hrs to harden it so that it's easier to slice neatly. Then it's off to the oven with a nice aroma filling the whole house.
Although the shape of my sesame cookies turn out to be a little irregular, but the taste is not bad at all. Another successful bake to add to my list!

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