17 March 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I've always looked forward to my birthday every year, but somehow the zest is almost none this year. The mind seemed to be clouded with many thoughts and negative vibes. And I have neglected my blog. Again. It's like at the back of my mind but I just couldn't bring myself to blog. Could it be burn-out? Or I haven't learn to let go? I digress.

I knew that January to March, and especially February were/are going to be busy months, but didn't realise that it is this tough.
Socially, hubby and I hosted some friends and colleagues for Lunar New Year gatherings over 3 different days during the 15-day celebration. Besides, we still had the customary visits to family and friends. Being ambitious, I baked my Lunar New Year goodie - Pineapple Tarts and assortment of savoury snacks, when I could have the easy way out by buying them off the shelves.
Work-wise, there were quite a number of late nights and working weekends. Each day at work seemed long and weary as I chose to lunch in most of the time (to clear work and avoid lunch time crowd). Despite being so busy, I went for wakeboarding during one of the weekends and ended up aching for a few days. In that same afternoon, I still attended an Easter baking workshop by Joycelyn at Shermay's Cooking School (promise to blog about that soon). I must have really worn out all my energy...
Bottomline is, for my birthday, I just have to escape! Somewhere. Out. Of. Singapore. Was exploring several places with hubby and settled on Macau (3D2N over the weekend). Why Macau of all places? We wanted a short holiday since we only have time for one day leave on my birthday; haven't been to Macau; heard ravings about the new Venetian Macau; I wanted to try authentic Portuguese Egg Tarts; we wanted somewhere cool etc etc. Why do I have to justify my vacation huh? It's my birthday!
Anyways, will blog about the Macau trip soon (gosh, I still have the Dec Kansai trip and Jan Sipadan trip...) Thank goodness the peak period for work is ending in a few weeks' time!