03 April 2008

Cupcake Recipe Necklace

Oooh, just look at these lovely lovely necklaces with the theme of cupcake recipe! Packaged as 'Cupcake Recipe Necklace', this adorable set is the creation of 2 ladies who ran an online shop called killerheels.

I first saw the necklace set on a recent issue of i-magazine. That sparked my interest and I went online to browse the shopping gallery of killerheels. There is also a Cupcake Recipe bracelet and a Cupcake wristlet, and many other designs that got me drooling over my laptop.

Being a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I had a strong urge to get all 3 items since I'm currently into baking. Was thinking that it would be so cool and sweet to have my accessories echo my interest in baking. But then, I'm saving up for an upcoming trip to Tokyo and these items aren't exactly cheap, in fact the price is considered relatively steep. While it is not a must-buy, it still falls within my nice-to-haves if I have spare cash :)

Anyway, Killerheels is participating in the 2008 Singapore Fashion Week bonbonbazaar at Raffles City this week. The thought of going to Raffles City "to take a look" lingered on my mind for a couple of days and I kept bugging hubby to tell me whether the necklace is nice and worth buying :p Yes, women always need a second opinion regardless she genuinely needs it or not. Ha.

And surprise! Sweet sweet hubby bought the necklace on his way home last evening and gave it to me last night just before bedtime! Oh, my hubby is really the best!

Certainly went to bed happy and contented :D Thank you hubby!

The necklace set came in a 'cupcake recipe' tag encased in a circular metal box. There is even a free gift - cute pack of fluffy marshmallow, so thoughtful!

Now, I'm thinking whether to buy the bracelet :p I'm more inclined to the wristlet, but it says on the flickr gallery that it is sold out?!! Oh no, I hope they can make it again.


  1. Hi Dreamer,
    The jewellery pieces are indeed very unique. I have put myself in their mailing list.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and must say that it is very nice! I enjoyed looking at your pictures of FOOD, especially in Japan. I want to visit Japan too. I will be back for more!

  3. Hi Emily,
    Me too! Really wish to buy more pieces, but a bit ex.

  4. Hi sugarlens,
    I'll try to post my Kansai trip within the next 2 months :p Coz quite busy, going to Tokyo soon again :p

  5. Hi dee-dee,
    Adorable indeed! Check out their website :)

  6. Hi daydreamer,

    we are the gals from killerheels! Thank you for writing about us! Your blog is making us drool! Do you open a bakery?

  7. OMG! The towkayneos of killerheels! *screams in excitement* Thanks for visiting my blog :D I really wanted to visit the bonbonbazaar. But was busy and I stay and work in the west.
    Nope, I'm just an ordinary working class lah... but I aspire to open a zakka shop cum cafe! As a start, I sell my cupcakes and bake goods to close friends and relatives :p