01 May 2008

Kansai Day 10, 23 Dec 07 - Osaka

Second last day in Osaka. Hubby and I decided to shop separately to maximise our shopping time. We needed our me-time to shop at places we like without boring each other out. So he went hunting for fishing tackle shops, whereas I went searching for zakka shops.
My first stop was Afternoon Tea, one of my fav zakka cum cafe brands in Japan.
Took the lunch set which included a pot of tea, sandwich special and a rasberry panna cotta dessert.

Then happily spent the entire afternoon shopping at various zakka shops.

In the evening, we met each other at the Namba Takashimaya food hall to buy some cakes as souvenirs. For our last dinner in Osaka, we couldn't decide on what to eat...
Finally decided on sushi (again). Since seafood is so fresh and afforable, why not? With a good meal of sushi, we ended our last night in Osaka, Japan.

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