01 May 2008

Kansai Day 9, 22 Dec 07 - Osaka

Our last few days in Osaka already and that meant time for some serious shopping! Alas it was a wet wet day and we didn't have umbrellas so had to buy 2 umbrellas.

Hubby spent the morning at some fishing tackle shops whereas I went to Tokyu Hands.
After a few days of Jap food feasting, we decided to eat pasta at this Italian cafe called Pronto. We passed by several branches while walking around Shinsaibashi hence decided to try. The pasta was al dente and sauce quite savoury. Not bad.
For the afternoon, we decided to visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan 海遊館, one of the largest public aquariums in the world. Apparently, there is a Pacific Ocean tank inside Kaiyukan which houses whale shark, manta ray, bluefin tuna, sharks and other deep-sea fishes. There is even a Mola Mola sunfish.
Didn't feel too good after visiting the aquarium. Somehow, I didn't feel comfortable watching the sea creatures in tanks. They belong to the deep blue and I prefer watching them swimming freely. But then, don't think I would be lucky enough to spot the rare whale shark these days. I am contradicting myself.
Anyways, we made our way back to Namba and stopped by this ramen store to eat a bowl of hot, steamy ramen as the temperature dropped quite drastically due to the rain. Was attracted by the menu board when we passed by the day before so had made a mental note to check it out.
It was certainly a good choice! The noodle was al dente, meat succulent and I love the hard-boil egg with yolk still slightly runny. The gyoza was also delicious. Oishii!

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