31 May 2008


Today marks the one-week anniversary of my surgery!
It has been a long and weary week indeed. Well, the first two days after surgery were actually OK, I could move a bit and eat food, just a little tired. But on the third day, my throat began to hurt badly. I think my throat was hurt during the General Anaesthesia (common side effect), making swallowing difficult. Quickly bought some lozenges to relieve the pain but I guessed it would take a few days for the throat to heal. Also experienced the other side effects like nausea and headache. With all these conditions, I totally lost my appetite although I felt hunger.
Come fifth day, I had mild diarrhea and worse of all, had excess gas and was bloated all the time. Couldn't digest my food at all. The excess gas got so bad that I kept belching but still couldn't expel the gas :( It was so bad that I vomited my food. Felt much comfortable after emptying everything... but definitely weak and no energy. Lapsed into mild depression as I was so frustrated. I thought that I was recovering well :(
Yesterday, looked very much forward to appointment with my OB-GYN so that she could perhaps offer some medical relief for my discomfort. She explained that besides the side effects of GA, it could also be the hormonal changes that are causing the wreck in my system, or even reaction to the antibotics (good thing that I am off it now!). Was prescribed a few types of medicine and had my stitches removed. Doc also extended my MC for another week and advising lots of rest.
The medicines are great! Gas has reduced extensively and could digest most of my food. Throat is recovering. Mood-wise also turned for the better :) But I'm careful to take small doses of food and slowly. Also started to drink some tonics (made by mum-in-law, she bought a whole lot of food/drinks etc for me - she's soooo sweet!) to nurse the system. Drank lots of 'red date' water and ginger water. Now I can understand to a small extent how those who went through the confinement period felt.
Overall, felt much better although I do get tired easily. Checking emails/playing PC games (aka staring at PC screen) for extended period gave me headaches. But already felt somewhat restless because I am such a multi-tasker and always rushing around to complete as many things as possible. Seeing that I'm coped up for so long, deary hubby brought me to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Good old Indiana Jones movie, go watch it :D
Well, I guess as my conditions improve, I may find more time to blog (clear my backlog) but will take things easy. During this week, received lots of well-wishes from friends and family members. And most importantly, hubby who had been so supportive and tolerant. Really felt very blessed and loved. Dear all, thank you.
P.S. Time to rest, starting to get headache.


  1. Glad to know that you are recuperating. Your ability to appreciate and enjoy life while multi-tasking has always been so impressive! Gam-ba-tae! Every day is a good day, so continue to appreciate and enjoy! =)

  2. I am glad to hear you are getting better, and that you are getting the rest you need, it does makes all the difference that you have a supportive partner and family to be there for you.

    Get better so that I can hear all about your Tokyo trips! (but no rush, I just love reading about them!)

  3. Heard about what happened from the bunch, do take care.

  4. Thanks yunhan, bunbun and ches.
    I've recovered and certainly look forward to more blogging and being active again :)