26 May 2008

Rollercoaster Apr/May

It has been a rollercoaster ride for me these 2 months, physically, mentally, emotionally... Well, a few things happened, bringing me through some highs and lows. Nevertheless, I believe I'm coping fine at the moment...

The Highs - I went to Tokyo 2 times! The first trip was from 11 to 16 Apr, brought my mum, auntie and younger brother to Tokyo and acted sort of like their tour guide. Didn't take a lot of photos (realised that being a guide is not as easy as it seems) but will still do postings when I'm free.

The second trip was from 7 to 10 May. Hubby was on a business trip to Tokyo so I tagged along! First time I wandered the city all by myself :D Will do postings when I'm free.
The High-turned-Low - discovered I was pregnant! Quite happy since we just started our family planning this year. However, the happiness was very shortlived (only a few days) when complications kicked in and I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. Had to undergo laparoscopy surgery to remove the sac otherwise could be life-threatening.
Surprising, I wasn't very badly affected emotionally. Guess maybe because the whole episode happened so quickly that I hadn't been too emotionally attached. Initally there was much anxiety while waiting for diagnostic result and was still hoping for miracle. Read a lot about the condition and had many discussions with hubby about possibilities. Felt a little sad and disappointed when the verdict was finally confirmed. Comforted myself that I was lucky to discover the condition early enough. I could have died!
Come to think of it, I was rather cool when pushed into the operating theatre. But later on started shaking non-stop. Haha. Afterall, this was my first-ever operation and also the first time staying in a hospital. Managed to calm down after several deep breaths and thought about re-furnishing my room and the next holiday destination :p
Now recuperating and hoping for the best when I go for my review in a week's time. Better to stay optimistic.
I'm really blessed to have the support of my sweet sweet hubby, mum and mum-in-law as well as my friends and colleagues. Life could be so fragile, I must cherish everything and everyone I have now.


  1. Oh Daydreamer, you are so mature and level-headed!
    I am happy that you are okay, and handling the emotional parts well, too.
    It is true that life is so fragile, I try my best everyday to appreciate everything life offers me, and it appears that you do the same as well.

    Kio Tsukette! Take Care!

  2. Sad to hear about your pregnancy complication...continue to stay positive.

  3. Hi bunbun & emily,
    Thanks for the well-wishes :)

  4. Sorry to hear what have happen. Do rest well and take care. Most importantly now is to recuperate.

  5. Hi elyn,
    Thanks for the encouragement!