10 June 2008


Went for final review with my OB-GYN this afternoon, very glad to hear that my wounds have healed well and in fact I can try conceiving in 2 months' time. My chances of conceiving may take longer (average 6 months instead of 3 months), but we are hopeful. Doc also showed us a photo by one of her patients who was in same condition but recovered well and subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby recently. So all's good :)
Haven't blogged for more than a week, because I think it's somewhat jinx. The last 2 times I blogged about my condition, I fell ill immediately the day after. In fact, just before this incident, I was still discussing about hospital stay (when selecting company insurance policy) with my colleagues and that I literally have no idea because I have never stayed in hospital before. Touch wood, the week following this thing happened. So crossing my fingers and toes :p
Will be starting work tomorrow, looking forward to a brand new beginning!

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