04 July 2008

On Hiatus

Yes, I have been missing-in-action for a while.
It's been a crazy and stressful 3 weeks since I returned to work from my post hospitalisation/surgery leave.
In short, worked non-stop, late night meetings, some weekends, brought work home to do, not eating healthily... I feel really guilty for not taking better care of myself having just recovered. Sometimes I think to myself, am I trying to be an over-achiever? Perhaps it's just the perfectionist in me.
I think I'm really going through a downward spiral of bad luck! Seriously! The surgery, the work, my messy house, I fell down, and latest, my notebook got virus attack. Managed to system recovery but now my modem won't talk to my router and vice versa.
I'm going to Hong Kong for a work trip next week and I guess it will take a while to fix and configure my internet connections after I return.
Really hope to blog soon as I have so many photos and experiences to share!

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